Finishing up Letter “A”

This weekend we finished up our unit on Letter A.  A few fun things we did this weekend:

Libby used a magnetic board and magnets to form letters, shapes, and patterns.  She really liked this! I know my picture is blurry, she was moving excitedly.

We had a few friends coming over for fondue Saturday night so Ian and I whipped up a sponge cake while Libby worked with the magnets (magnets and a boy who loves to put small things in his mouth do not mix!).  We both enjoyed baking it, don’t mind the batter on my chin 😉


Sunday afternoon we did an Apple craft where we used an apple cut in half as a stamp for painting.

Happy Boy

Ian’s finished product

Libby’s finished product


Libby decided to use her fingers and finger paint after stamping with the apple; she enjoyed mixing the colors.  Libby really loves to paint, it is one of her favorite things right now.  Ian was only interested for a few minutes.  I purchased a new kids CD called “Kids in Motion” and Ian is really loving it.  I put it on for them to listen to while painting today, and Ian couldn’t sit still, and eventually he abandoned painting to get down and dance.




3 thoughts on “Finishing up Letter “A”

  1. I love what you are doing with them! You are such a great Mom…Keep up the good work and have as much fun as you can while doing it!! Love you all!

  2. Awesome! Megan, are you going to also let Libby use safety scissors? I found a couple books for toddlers that had pre done cutouts and also gluing for toddlers. Let me know.

    • Hey Rue, we tried to do safety scissors but she’s just not there yet, and she felt really bad that she couldn’t use them, really disappointed. So I put them away for now and will revisit in a while. She loves to glue!

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