Starting our week of Corduroy


This week we started ‘rowing’ our first book of the Before Five in a Row (BFIAR) program: Corduroy, by Don Freeman.

‘Rowing’ a book refers to reading the book five days in a row (seems repetitive, but my kiddos already ask to read the same books over and over!), and doing several accompanying learning activities that are drawn from the book, also known as literature-based learning.  The activities truly encourage a child’s imagination and peek their interest while they enjoy classic stories.  The activities encompass all subjects, including math, science, art, Biblical teachings, poetry, language arts, and life skills.  So far, I’m pretty impressed with this program!  It’s directed at children ages two to four, and it seems like the perfect light and fun introduction to a love of learning!

We are also reviewing the letter B this week, and Corduroy is blending well as we review the ‘B’ sound of ‘bear’.

Ballerina Bears Pre-writing Practice

Libby is working on her pre-writing skills, and learning how to trace.  She traces her letters and numbers, but also enjoys pre-writing practice.

Ian Working Diligently

So far we have been having so much fun while ‘rowing’ Corduroy.  We discussed and practiced our manners.  Lisa, the little girl in Corduroy, is respectful and uses manners to listen to her mother and speak politely to the saleswoman at the department store.  We role-played saying please and thank-you, and I have been complimenting them throughout the day when they use their manners.

We also talked about different places or homes people live, as Corduroy “Always wanted a home”.  I made and printed out 8 images showing the different places people can live, including houses, apartments, motor homes, houseboats, tents, igloos, nursing homes, and of course, an aircraft carrier.  We talked about how Daddy is living on the boat right now, and that he has a bed and a shower and he eats in the boat dining room, but that he still is part of our family and our home, and that he will be back sleeping and playing at our house soon.

We reviewed the Bible verse Proverbs 17:17, and talked about the importance of friendship and helping our friends.

For lunch on Monday both Libby and Ian got to make their very own personal pizza, and we made them in the shape of teddy bear heads.  This was a huge thrill to the kids; they love to help cook.  Plus, they eat more when they help make it, total bonus!

Monday’s activities concluded with a game of Bear Color Memory, where I had print and cut squares with different colored bears to created a Memory-like matching game.  This was a hit!  She asked to play it 4 times in a row!

I think she likes it!

Tuesday morning we started our day off with Beary Good Blueberry Pancakes!

We placed together a puzzle about the letter B:

And did a little math with our snack!

Science: I found these animal flashcards online and printed them out.  They correspond to all the animals pictured in the story book illustrations.  She had fun identifying the animal, and then searching for it in the book’s pictures.

Finally, we finished up our BFIAR activities for today with a Corduroy craft project.  I had pre-cut the bear and the overalls, but they each used the glue stick to glue down the overalls and draw the missing button on with marker.

Our Finished Corduroys

Libby loved her Corduroy, and spent the rest of the afternoon making it ‘talk’.  She imagined that the two Corduroys were best friends and they kept asking each other how their day was going 🙂

I know it seems like a lot, but we really move through everything quickly, generally only taking about two hours in the morning, and they LOVE doing activities.  When we’re done with one, Libby immediately asks for the next.  Today I had to tell her that that was all I had planned, and she actually asked to do everything over again!

And yes, many mornings they are still in their PJ’s.  And so am I.  My kids are early risers and they are up and at-em in the morning.  Me?  Not so much, so we often stay in our pajamas until we leave the house to go outside around 11am  Unless the weather is nasty we spend lots of time outdoors at the park, in the backyard, or taking walks.

Showing me his “Ca” at the park.

For the past two days Ian has been fascinated by this race car.  He has had it in his sight every moment, and I have put him to bed with it three times in the last two days.  He curls up next to it and goes to sleep.  So sweet.   I want to try and sneak and get a picture!

Libby on the ‘Big Girl Swings”

Libby climbing the rock wall at the park

Looking forward to more fun as the week continues!


3 thoughts on “Starting our week of Corduroy

  1. I want more, more, more!!!….I love what you are doing and it keeps us so involved in your day to day happenings! I hope that I will be able to join in when I visit! I can’t believe how grown up they both look, especially Ian…love his little necklace! Has he had a haircut? His hair looks shorter but then maybe its just curled up a little more! Nana 🙂

  2. I also feel wonderful about seeing all this. You are doing great with the kiddo’s. They are smart children and you have to keep them busy all the time and keep their brains thinking! Wonderful Job Megan!!!!! I also think Ian has grown. His legs just look so much longer than when I was out there!!! Would love to come back out there but I have to take care of myself and get well!!! 4-6 weeks recovery for me! Missing all of you so much and can’t wait to see ALL of you again soon!! Keep it up Megs!

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