BFIAR: Corduroy Days 3 and 4

We are really, really enjoying our week reading Corduroy!  The Before Five in a Row program offers just enough structure, but still allows for flexibility and different activities to be added in.  It is very relaxed, and if the kids love a certain activity, we can do it all day long.  There is no pace to be followed.  It is especially great with our ever-changing schedule, as I am working one day, sometimes two or three days a week depending on when my doula or midwifery clients go into labor.  We are able to stop and start whenever.  Most days we do activities in the morning, but if I am working, we can do a few activities before bed, and read the book as our goodnight book.

Day 3:

We started our day reviewing the letter B.  What it looks like and sounds like.  We drew B’s in the air with our magic pointers (finger!). I then wrote out several words with letter B’s in them, including: Bubble, Blueberry, Ball, and Libby.  She was able to count the number of B’s in each word, and could actually sound out the word ball!

We traced some letter B’s, and she did a pre-writing worksheet that I laminated.  She writes with dry-erase markers on them, and this way she can do them over and over again.  Wee can also save them for Ian for when he is ready.

We used Teddy Grahams and counted out the correct amount of bears that corresponded to the number in each box.

She did really well with this and couldn’t figure out why the amounts were wrong when she went back and counted.

Sneaky Little Brother

After reading Corduroy, I hid a large laminated button in our living room, and we searched for the missing button, just as Corduroy does in the story.

Found the Button!

For imaginative play, we each took turns pretending to put Corduroy to sleep in his ‘own little bed’ that Corduroy had always wanted.

Then we headed out for a walk to the park to enjoy the beautiful California weather.

Thursday nights are dance night, so after nap we packed up for Libby’s dance lesson.  Thursday nights also happen to be Market night in downtown Hanford, so after her class, we walked around downtown.

We saw some horses, which Libby asked to ride, but once it was time to get on, she decided she’d rather watch.

We stopped to admire flowers.

And we ended the day with an extra special trip with a good friend to Superior Dairy, where the ice cream is freshly made.  This ice cream sundae was HUGE!  I had no idea it would be so large; it was size ‘regular’.  This is only the second time the kids have been to this ice cream shop, so it was a very special treat!  We really didn’t eat that much of it, the kids had more fun messing around in it, and as good as it was, we ended up leaving almost the whole thing there!

Day 4:

Today I had midwifery commitments from 9am to 3pm, and the kids were napping when I got home.  When Libby woke up, the first thing she asked was if we could ‘do school’.  So I pulled out these counting bears and matching cups and let them sort by colors and count.

And this is what Ian decided to do with the bears.

Little Brother Strikes Again

After dinner, I had some help cleaning up!

In the evening, we made peanut butter button cookies.  They love to help bake!  These cookies are really, really small, perfect for a small treat before bed.

While we waited for them to bake, Libby used craft sticks to make shapes.

Ian did this 🙂

Then the cookies were done.  To make these, we rolled the dough into very small balls.  Immediately out of the oven, I used a bottle cap to press down the center part, and a straw to form the holes of the button.

Yummy Button Cookies

Ok, now I feel bad that they ate ice cream yesterday and cookies today.  But, these kids eat like birds! We’ve had a great couple of days; we really had fun together!  We have a few more activities for the book Corduroy; I am looking forward to spending the weekend with my babes.

One thought on “BFIAR: Corduroy Days 3 and 4

  1. I want to share this blog with everyone!! I am so proud of all three of you and what you are doing…totally delightful! Can’t wait to share in the fun!

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