BFIAR: Finishing up Cordury

We had a fun filled weekend!  We finished up our Corduroy unit, did lots of imaginative play, and had a fun play-date with friends!

On Saturday after reading Corduroy, we talked about saving money.  The little girl in the story saves up her money in her piggy bank, and uses it to buy Corduroy.  I showed them their piggy banks and explained that we put our money inside of it, and then we can use it to purchase something we really want!  I let them both look over their piggy banks, and see how it worked (put money in the top, and then the button on the bottom pops off to get the money out).  I gave them both a handful of coins and they practiced putting money in their banks, and Libby counted hers as she put it in, and also sorted the coins by size and color.  I was worried Ian would try to put the money in his mouth, but he didn’t!  We did this several times and they really had fun doing it!

We then took their large teddy and dressed him in Ian’s corduroy overalls!  They had a great time fastening the straps, buttoning the buttons on the side, and snapping the snaps for the legs.

And my beautiful babies with their ‘Corduroy’

The story of Corduroy, as told by Elizabeth, at 34 months,:

“Corduroy lost his button.  A little girl came into the store to buy him.  A lady asks to put him in a box.  The girl says ‘no, thank you‘.  She brings the bear home.  There is a little bed for him to sleep in.  He always wanted a friend.”
What was your favorite part of the book?
“Searching for the button.”

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