BFIAR Goodnight Moon

We started our Goodnight Moon unit this week, and have lots of moons, stars, nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and mittens in our near future!  M is the letter of the week, for moon, mouse, mitten, and mush, all of which are mentioned and said goodnight to in the book

Day 1:

We started out today reading through the book and pointing out how the moon out the window raises into the air throughout the story.  Libby has really taken to this book and asked me to read it several times throughout the day.  She carefully points out all the objects as they are said goodnight to.

We then headed out to the library to get some more moon themed books.  They have recently set up a nice kids area with puzzles, small toys, and learning activities at our local library.  The kids had a great time playing in the children’s room.  While we were there we ran into our friend and her daughter who is 3 years old, so the girls played together for a while.

Kids playing at the library

After a quick trip to the store, we went home and had lunch and naps.  Our friend Rachel came over to have dinner with us, and then we forced the kids to clean the entire house from top to bottom.  Ok, not really, but I have to take advantage of their willingness now!

We painted stars using cookie cutter – and say hi to Rachel’s baby in the belly, coming in August 🙂

And we painted moons using white paint mixed with flour for texture, and using bottle caps to create craters.  When dry, she put star stickers around her full moon.

Day 2:

Today we started out by tracing M’s on the white board.  Libby loves this so much, and we probably did this 15 times!  “Mama, can we trace M’s again?”.  Why, yes, we can 🙂

I wrote words with the letter m in them and she circled the m’s.

She used her dot markers:

Ian practiced his pre-writing skills by taking the rocket to the moon.  OK, he just scribbled, but he enjoyed it!

We played in a sensory bin with rice and funnels:

We then headed out for some outside time and a play date with some other mamas and kids in our squadron.  Then home for lunch and naps.

After Libby’s nap the first thing she asked to do was an “actibity”.  So we played a matching game with space-themed printouts.

And then we played with a new toy, and it is awesome!  It’s just a foam board with holes in it, and it comes with pegs to be put in the holes, and they also will stack peg on top of peg.  Seems so simple (it is), but both kids really enjoyed it.  It could be used for basic math, patterns, shapes, forming letters, ect.  Here’s what we did with it:

Letter M


She made a rectangle.

Just because he’s so cute.

After dinner we read another children’s book about the moon, and how at different times it is different shapes.  I had printed off different shapes and we talked about what they were called.  I really didn’t expect her to ‘get’ any of this information, just wanted to show them, but she surprisingly was very interested!  So cool seeing her brain work.

We had a special treat of Oreos in different moon phases.  She could correctly tell me which phase each Oreo represented!  I was impressed (yes, mommy brag moment!).

While they ate their treat, we watched a few videos I found on YouTube about the moon phases.  Again, I didn’t think they’d be super interested, but their eyes were glued to the screen, and in the second video of the actual moon she was identifying the phases as they happened.  “Look Mommy, now it’s a crescent moon!  Now it’s a full moon!”

We watched Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me:


and also this video of the moon’s different phases:

You can see Libby pointing out her moon shapes here:

This is our Bible verse this week, I thought it was fitting!

And some of the books we are reading in addition to Goodnight Moon:

2 thoughts on “BFIAR Goodnight Moon

  1. This is SUCH a great post! We just started a BFIAR today with our (almost 3 year old) son and although he was very tired from boycotting naps all weekend, the suggestions you made will help us expand on what we started. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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