More Goodnight Moon Fun and a Busy Week!

This week has been a busy one! We have been having a great time while Nana and Papa Graf are visiting. We had a nice Father’s Day, but missed Daddy and Grandpa Eric from our fun day of celebrating the important men in our lives.

We learned the nursery rhyme “Hey Diddle Diddle”. In the book Goodnight Moon, a picture of a cow jumping over the moon hangs on the wall in the Great Green Room.  We colored, cut, and laminated the characters from the rhyme and taped them to sticks to form puppets.  We used them to act out the nursery rhyme.  We also watched different versions of the rhyme on YouTube.  The kids loved this!  I tried to get pictures of them doing this, but they all came out blurry because they were very excited and running all over the place!  Here are the puppets we made (cat is missing from the photo)

I gave each of the kids a big red balloon to play with (there is a red balloon that is said ‘Goodnight’ to in the story):

We painted some M’s!

We learned the difference between a pair of mittens and a single mitten (and socks!):

We read the fairytale The Three Bears (there is a picture of the three bears in the story Goodnight Moon), and ate some porridge that was ‘just right’.  Libby kept saying, “My porridge isn’t too hot!  Goldilocks likes it!”. I had originally intended this to be our ‘mush’ from Goodnight Moon, but Libby told us it was her porridge 🙂

Some other fun things we’ve been up to this week:

Buddy playing with blocks

Libby tracing in her hew book from Nana and Papa. She loves this!

Ian likes the book too! Playing with Nana.

We had so much fun playing outside in the water this week!

Swimming with Papa.

We did a few tot tray activities:

Yes, Ian is on the table supervising the activity.

Another activity where she transferred pom poms from one small ice cube tray to another with tongs:

Ian gave it a try:

I love him so much.

We ended our week learning about M’s with a special treat of m&m’s!

She separated them by color, and then used them to make patterns – and then had a yummy treat!

We had a great week, and we’re sad to see Papa leave CA tomorrow.  We’re especially missing our Daddy as we celebrate Father’s Day.  Babe – you are the best Daddy and our babies and I love you more than life itself.  I’m so thankful God put you in my life!

We’re looking forward to next week as we row the book I Am an Artist, and learn about the letter L.  I have a few babies due next week, and Libby’s dance recital is Friday and Saturday so it will be a crazy, but fun, week!

One thought on “More Goodnight Moon Fun and a Busy Week!

  1. We are. So happy to witness all the fun things you are doing with Libby and Ian! What a fun week it has been for us too!

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