Bowling and BFIAR I Am an Artist

We went bowling on Monday morning before Papa Graf had to head to the airport.  The kids had a blast!  Libby remembered how to roll the ball down the dinosaur tail, but this was Ian’s first time being old enough to participate.  He was so excited to roll the ball!  He was also very interested in the ball return.

Super blurry and kind of scary picture of the kiddos!  They were on the move all over the place at the bowling alley, it was hard to catch them and get a good picture.  They both look so cute in their bowling shoes.

We are in the process of rowing the book I Am an Artist this week.  The book talks about and illustrates the beauty of nature through leaves, water, rainbows, clouds, and flowers.  We talked about how God was an artist as he painted our world full of color and beauty, and we can be artists, as well, when we recognize this beauty.  So, we’re spending the week learning about many of these components of nature, and also learning about the letter L.

We started off the week going for a nature walk in our neighborhood to look at different elements of nature.  We talked about different senses of nature, what does it feel like?  The bark of a tree is rough, dry leaves are crunchy.  What does it sound like?  Hear the leaves blowing in the wind.  What does it look like?  All the different colors of leaves, trees, and flowers.  We looked at the sky, and talked about how blue and clear it was. Along our way we collected some flowers, leaves, and twigs.

When we got home, we arranged them on clear paper, and made a collage for our window.  Libby also pasted several of the elements down on her “L is for Leaf” artwork.

The next day was Daddy’s birthday, and even though he was away, we still celebrated for him!  We had a rainbow themed day.  We read about rainbows, did a craft, and made a rainbow cake in daddy’s honor.

For this rainbow, Libby and Ian (with mama’s help!) strung colored beads onto the same colored pipe-cleaner.  We then pushed the pipe-cleaners in to our white “cloud”.  I was amazed at how well Elizabeth was able to string the beads on the pipe-cleaner, I see some fun jewelry making in our future.  The beads are still a chocking hazard for Ian as he likes to put things in his mouth still, but he was able to string a few with my help.  This was great for their hand-eye coordination.


Next we made a rainbow cake by separating and coloring white cake batter different colors, I then layered the batter in the pan.  The kids enjoyed watching (and stirring) as the colors changed.  We learned that red+yellow makes orange as well by mixing drops of red with drops of yellow to form orange batter!

The batter layered and ready for the oven.

And ready to eat!

I made buttercream frosting to put on top for ‘clouds’.  Ian wasn’t so sure about it, but Libby dove in!  Happy Birthday Daddy, we love and miss you so much!

Today my ‘Secret Sister’ dropped off this cute basket with fresh herbs in it onto my porch!  What a fun surprise, and Libby and her bunny liked checking it out, too!

This week has been incredibly busy so far!  I have attended two births this week, including one where I was blessed to be able to experience my first solo baby catch!  I was attending as doula for a dear Navy wife friend, and her baby decided to come very quickly, to fast for her midwife to arrive.  It was an amazing blessing, and I am so thankful that it was a beautiful and smooth birth.  I am so grateful to the mama and her family for allowing me to be a part of it, I will certainly never forget it ❤  I am so blessed to serve these amazing families!

I am on call for three more moms next week, so we are fitting things in where we can.  This is very unusually busy, I generally am only on call for one mom at a time!  It’s just a busy baby time, I suppose!  Libby’s dance recital is also next week, so we will be on the run.  We may continue I Am an Artist into next week, as there are so many fun activities we can do with this book experiencing nature that I hate to speed through it!

Daddy is in port this week, and we’re loving seeing his face on Skype.  Counting down the days until we see each other again face to face!


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