More BFIAR: I am an Artist

We’ve had so much fun thus far while rowing I am an Artist!  There are so many fun activities, and we have had the perfect weather this week to get outside and enjoy the world around us!

We started this week by heading outside to do a little painting on the back patio.  I encouraged them to draw inspiration from the sky, grass, flowers, and sun.  We added fluffy clouds.  I think they did a great job 🙂

Libby’s Masterpiece

Ian’s Masterpiece

They then played with ‘Cloud Dough’ that I made using flour and baby oil.  This felt really soft, but packed together like sand.  The kids had a great time building castles and towers with it.

Libby and I tried out a new letter game this week from the Handwriting Without Tears program.  She loved it!  The ‘game’ comes with many different shaped wooden pieces, and she forms letters using the different hand-strokes she would make when writing the letter.  Here’s a “big line down, then little line over”.

We had a special movie night this week.  Libby got to stay up late, eat popcorn, and watch “Gnomeo and Juliet”!  We took a walk out and saw the moon, and she was able to correctly identify it as a crescent shaped moon!  When I was putting her to bed, she noticed her shadow on the wall, so we stayed up extra, extra late making shadow puppets on the wall.  We had such a fun night.

We made a rainbow water xylophone using mason jars!  This was awesome.  We filled up each jar with a little more water, and used food coloring to dye the water the colors of the rainbow.  Once done, we used a wooden spoon to listen to the different pitches of sound the jars made when hit.  The kids had so much fun with this (so did I!).  I’m not sure if they liked stirring the water coloring or banging the jars more.  And it just looks cool.

Here’s a video of the kids having fun with the water xylophone (Ian was a little impatient for his turn 🙂

We then moved onto the beauty of the ocean, and we looked at some shells.

I read them a go-along book about the Ocean during dinner (where they ate seafood alfredo!).

And we made some decorative art with our shells!

The rest of this week is going to be busy as Libby has her dance recital this weekend and I’m (still) waiting on babies!  Looking forward to continuing our unit study on nature with a few activities learning about animal tracks, and birds!  I am an Artist has been such a great book and starting place for us to enjoy God’s world around us.

2 thoughts on “More BFIAR: I am an Artist

  1. The kids are blossoming before my eyes and are so enjoying all of these activities, always wanting more! God is working his glory through you and your children Megan as you teach them about the wonders of His world!

  2. I must admit that the program you are following is great! Children are like sponges and will soak up as much as you are willing to show/teach them about their environment. They are so very smart (They are following in their parents footsteps) and you will have to stay one step ahead of them. Never think that they might be too young to try something because you will be amazed at their potential and their skills. Great Job Megs!

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