I am an Artist wrap-up and another busy week!

Last week we continued exploring the book I am an Artist.  We read a few more books about birds, and did a fun craft!

And we also learned about animal tracks.  We used play-doh and toy animals to pretend they were ‘walking through the mud’ to see what tracks they left behind.  The kids loved this!

While we had the play-doh out Libby wanted to make some letters:


This week was another really busy week!  Libby had her dance recital and she did so great!  I was really worried she was going to be afraid but she strutted on stage like Miss America!  She even had to be pulled back because she ran out on stage at the wrong time, waving at the crowd the whole time 🙂  She was a little ballerina bear.

I had two more babies come during this week.  One awesome all-natural hospital birth, and a VBAC at home in water.  Loving being witness to such amazing power!  Waiting on three more mamas who are ready to go any time now, and then I should have a small break.

We celebrated Independence Day pretty low key.  We had burgers, and then walked to the fireworks on base with a friend.  The kids were weary of the fireworks at first, but did eventually peek around my shoulder and watch, with fingers still grasping my shirt.

And the kiddos got to stay up late a few days this week.  It’s been so hot out, it was nice to enjoy the cooler evenings.

Looking forward to enjoying the weekend, and diving into some more Before Five in a Row activities.  We’re currently reading rabbit books while rowing The Runaway Bunny.

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