BFIAR Katy No-Pocket

This week we read Katy No-Pocket, which is a sweet story of a mother kangaroo who did not have a pocket for her baby.  She visits many other animals to ask them how they carry their babies, and eventually she makes her way to the city where a friendly carpenter kindly gives her his apron with many pockets in it.  She puts her joey in the apron pocket, and is also able to put many other animal babies in her pockets.

While reading this book we learned about Australia, Kangaroos and other marsupials, and learned the name of some common hand tools.

Acting out the story!


We talked about animals who have pouches.  We discussed that even though human mommies do not have a pouch as part of their body, human babies love to snuggle close to warm skin of their parents.  Called “Kangaroo Care”, it helps to regulate a brand new baby’s breathing and heart rate, and relaxes and creates bonding in older babies and children.  Libby and Ian both practiced ‘wearing’ their babies.

A few Go-Along Books

Libby colored and cut out the kangaroo pictures, and then Ian helped to paste them down to the kangaroo fact page (from Homeschool Creation I beleive!)

We learned that Australia is a large island, and learned what ‘island’ means:

Next we read the book Why I Love Australia, which has beautiful illustrations of aboriginal artwork.  We made our own aboriginal artwork using cu-tips!

Daddy showed the kids some simple tools, and Libby completed a few matching games with pictures of tools (preschool pack found here)

A few other go-along books we read this week:  A few books about Australian animals, and Curious George because it was illustrated by the same person who illustrated Katy No-Pocket.

We also really enjoyed an interactive app called Lulu in Australia chronicling a young girl’s trip traveling about in Australia.  The kids had so much fun from this, and learned a ton about the Australian culture, animals, and countryside! See a preview of it here.

Other things we did this week:

Practicing motor skills with tongs

Spoon practice by transferring rice

Pouring water practice

Math Puzzles

Lacing Beads

Stacking Beads

And we ended our week with ice cream sundaes with some great great friends!

Next week we’re diving into Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear.  Looking forward to discussing dressing, hygiene, and healthy eating!

2 thoughts on “BFIAR Katy No-Pocket

  1. as always I so appreciate what you are doing and that you are sharing with us here on the other side of the country! Love, Love, Love it and you all!! Oh, and Nana definately needs to find some new clothes for Hannah! lol

  2. Grandma Snook Said….I think that Megan is teaching them right and early and they will be smart just like Megan and Alex. They will be welcome in everyone’s homes because they will be bright and have good manners! They are beautiful children and I hope they have a lot more!

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