{BFIAR} Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?

Last week we rowed Jessie Bear, What Will You Wear?  This adorable rhyming book captivated the kiddos.  Libby especially loved Jesse Bear and asked me to read it several times a day!  We picked up a few other books about Jesse Bear, and read through those as well!

The story is about Jesse Bear as he goes throughout his day, from getting dressed, to playing outside in the sand, to eating his lunch, greeting Daddy home from work, taking a bath, and finally going to bed.  I also really enjoyed this book and will be looking for other Jesse Bear books to add to our home library.

First, we played with a wooden bear dressing her in different outfits.  We also played with a wooden dress-up doll, that has magnetic clothing items.  We talked about different outfits for different occasions or different weather circumstances.

Libby worked on patterns using Jesse Bear clothing items.

Ian did some matching and colored the table.

But he was good about helping clean up!

We worked on color matching.  Ian is starting to identify colors and he really likes matching the ‘Jesse Bears’.

We also talked about healthy eating this week.  Jesse Bear had a healthy lunch with a food from each food group.  We talked about My Plate healthy eating standards, and read a few go-along books about healthy eating.  The kids also watched The Berenstein Bear’s episode ‘Too Much Junk Food’.

I pulled out several foods from the kitchen and set them on the table.  Together we talked about which food group the foods belonged in, and if they were an everyday food or a sometimes food.  The were eager to nibble on the lettuce and Ian took a few good bites out of a potato!  Later this day, we also played ‘hot potato’, although I don’t think either of them really understood it.  They did have fun pretending it was hot and tossing the potato around though, so I still think it was a success 🙂

We made our own version of Jesse Bear’s lunch, which included rice.  Ian and Libby helped make the rice, they each added one cup.

Our Jesse Bear lunches included rice, carrots and peas, roast beef, blueberries, apples, and yogurt.

For art, we painted with veggies, using lettuce as brushes and potato stamps where I carved shapes into a potato cut in half (please excuse Ian with no pants – he’s been wanting to use the potty lately and ditching diapers little by little!)

We played with our counting bears.  I set up a game where she put the number of bears in each cup based on the number in front of it.  She really surprised me when she got to the number six.  She dumped her cup from number 5 and added 1.  I felt like this was a great step towards understanding addition.  We also did simple addition and subtraction play with the bears.  “If you have two red bears, and I give you a green bear, how many bears do you have all together?”

Ian had a blast playing with the buttons, putting them in the container and dumping them out again.

Libby also played a rhyming game with Daddy and ‘Ziggy’.  The kids LOVE this puppet and as weird as I think it is, they actually listen and love to learn from a stuffed zebra.  LOL.

We had a great week, and were so happy that Daddy could be home more to play an active part in our activities!  This week we took it slow, I had 3 births, so was away from home quite a bit.  Daddy was off work so they were able to get some special time together.

Next week we are heading to Disneyland, so we have been having movie nights, and reading Disney books.  We’ll start back up with BFIAR next week after we recover from our vacation.  Libby is so excited and can barely sleep, she goes on and on about teacups and  flying elephants.  We are all looking forward to making some great family memories!

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