{BFIAR} We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

We had a fun the last two weeks learning about bears and their habitats while reading the classic, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.  The kids loved the repetition and sing-song nature of this book.  They really got into the different sounds made as the family traveled along on their bear hunt.

Front Cover

Here is a photo-recap of some things we’ve been up to:

We learned that bears live all over the world, and many brown bears live in North America.  We focused on learning Alaska because one of our go-along books from the library was about a brown bear from Alaska.

We learned about foods bears like to eat (fish, berries, insects, honey, rodents) and ‘bear crawled’ to the different foods I printed out and laminated. L and I pretended to be bears picking berries and fishing in the stream.

A yummy bear snack (peanut butter toast with banana slices and chocolate chips).  Libby cut the banana herself and also spread the pb.

We painted paper bowls and cut out an opening for our bear dens.  We used our counting bears to do basic sorting, counting, addition, and subtraction.

We went on a ‘color hunt’ finding different objects around our home that matched the colors on the bags.

We added sound effects to our book.

  • A sweeper brush on a pie pan for ‘swishy swashy’ grass
  • Water in a container for the ‘spash sposh’ of water
  • Noise putty I picked up in a dollar bin at Michaels for the ‘squelch squerch’ mud
  • A wooden spoon on the pie pan for the forest ‘stumble trip’
  • Blowing into a glass bottle for the ‘hooo wooo’ snowstorm
  • And quiet tapping for the ‘tiptoe’ in the cave

For art, we made a piece representing each step of the family’s bear hunt:

We rubbed the side of a green crayon over grass to make prints:

We used shaving cream and paint in a cookie sheet to make rippled water of our river.  I put the shaving cream in the baking sheet and Libby smoothed it out with a spatula.  I dropped dots of blue paint over the cream, and Libby and Ian swirled it around using the back side of paintbrushes.  Once they were happy with their design, we pressed paper against it, and pulled it up, forming waves.  This turned out really pretty and did look like water!

For mud we finger-painted with chocolate pudding.  This took the prize for sure!  If you ever need a few minutes of sanity, DO THIS with your littles.  It keeps them happy for a long time 🙂

We practiced cutting and pasting with our ‘shape forest’:

We glued cotton balls and snowflakes for our snowstorm:

And finally, we made bear caves out of clay.  We used feathers and rocks to decorate them.  Libby has played with this set up several times, reconstructing the cave and playing with the small bear her daddy bought her.

All artwork together for story sequencing:

Libby did a few letter worksheets from kidsSoup.com

We did some fun gummy bear graphing!

Conversationally we discussed families as we read through the book.  What a family looks like, who is in our family, and the journey our family has been on together.

Our Bible verse was “Do not fear for I am with you, do not be dismayed for I am your God.” Isaiah 41:10.  We talked about how even though we can be afraid sometimes, God is with us always throughout our journey.

I love what a compassionate, sweet girl my daughter is becoming.  In our last book, Play With Me, we talked about the emotion loneliness, as the girl in the story was lonely and did not have any playmates.  The very last illustration in We’re Going on a Bear Hunt shows the bear walking alone back out towards the water, just after the ‘happy family’ snuggles into bed together.  Libby always comments how sad she is for the bear and that he looks lonely.  I love her 3 year old literary analysis.  So we now say that the bear is heading back to play with his bear cub friends.

Other fun things we’ve been up to:

Libby matched items and animals to their beginning letter.

Worked on writing the letter C in our Handwriting Without Tears ‘Get Set for School’ program.  She begs to do this!

Working on fine motor skills with tongs and cubes:

And we played with sponges!  Learning how to transfer water with sponges one day, and then practicing washing our dishes another.  They love this, too, and keeps them busy for a while!

There are so many fun bear activities out there, we could have gone on for another week!  But, Friday we are headed to a pumpkin patch with a local preschool co-op, so we’ll start learning about Pumpkins the rest of this week and next.  Both kids are looking forward to it!

Sorry for the massive post if you’ve made it this far 🙂

Have a great week! Megan

3 thoughts on “{BFIAR} We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

  1. I agree with Judee. If it weren’t for this and skype, I feel like I was missing so much. i know that I am but this certainly helps and also gives me subjects to chat with the kids about. I love talking with them about what they are doing! They are so smart and so is their mom and dad!!! The world is out there for them to explore….expose them to lots of knowledge, they will soak it up like sponges. GREAT JOB MEGAN!

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