Pumpkin Jack Unit Study

We’ve taken a break from our BFIAR books to spend some time diving into Halloween topics for the month of October.  For the first few weeks of October we focused on the book Pumpkin Jack and added in other pumpkin books.

Pumpkin Jack is a wonderful story of a boy who, after Halloween, discards his Jack-O-Lantern to the garden.  He watches on throughout the seasons as the pumpkin transforms.  It decomposes to seeds, sprouts in the spring, flushes with flowers, and finally produces pumpkins.  It was a wonderful read about the life-cycle of the pumpkin, and Libby and Ian both loved it.  I think we read it at least once a day every day this month!

A photo recap of our Pumpkin unit:

Field Trips:

We were luck enough to visit local pumpkin patches three times over the course of a few weeks.  while there, the kids really enjoyed looking and comparing the different types of pumpkins, as well as seeing pumpkins in each stage of development.

Making ‘corn angels’ in the kernels

Science: Pumpkin Observations

We purchased several pumpkins, and discussed the differences and similarities between them.  We also discussed the characteristics of pumpkins in general, and made a list of words that one could use to describe a pumpkin.  Libby guessed which pumpkins she thought measured largest and smallest, and we measured each pumpkins’ circumference and recorded our ‘findings’. 

We also opened up our pumpkin to carve it.  As we opened it, we observed each part of the pumpkin, and Libby and Ian had fun playing and squishing the insides of the pumpkin and seeds.  Daddy carved an ‘Ariel’ pumpkin, just as Libby requested.  It turned out great!

Pumpkin Math:

We did some basic counting using pumpkin printables, and practiced our fine motor skills using clothes pins to identify the numbers.  We also did a few addition worksheets, and used pumpkin candies to help us figure out the answers!

Letter P

Libby practiced writing her letter P.

Yummy Pumpkin Treats!

We made pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, and a pumpkin snack from an orange and a green gummy bear!

Making Pumpkin Pie

Enjoying a snack while watching “five Little Pumpkins” video.

Fine Motor Skills:

Using tongs to find the “pumpkins” hidden in the “patch”, and put them into the pumpkin.

Opening small containers to find a fall-themed prize, and then closing them again.

We had so much fun learning about pumpkins!  We continued on our spooky learning this month, and spent the last two weeks of the month learning all about skeletons!  I hope to get a post up soon showing our fun learning about bones (which tied PERFECTLY into Halloween!).

Have a Happy Halloween!  Megan

Please see my Pinterest board for links to all materials used in this unit study.

3 thoughts on “Pumpkin Jack Unit Study

  1. I continue to be facinated by how you incorporate all subjects into one common theme for the kids to study! Good job to you all!

  2. Children are sponges and will soak up everything you give them as long as you make it fun and interesting. You are doing a wonderful job. You and Alex are very very smart and I believe those kiddos of yours will be even smarter than you!!! They are well on their way thanks to their mamma and daddy!

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