A Spooky Halloween Week and a Skeleton Study!

We had fun tying in our Halloween week with a unit study on our bones.  The children learned a few specific bones (skull, patella, femur, tibia, fibula, ribs, spine, pelvis), and went over our bodies in a broader sense covering parts like the ankle, elbow, shoulder, jaw ect. that are less known and Libby and Ian were unsure of.

We read some great children’s books about the skeletal system, and Libby especially soaked up the information like a sponge.  Some facts she has retained about bones:

  • Bones are hard.
  • We cannot see our bones because they are covered with skin, but we can feel them.
  • The smallest bone is in the ear.  The largest is in the leg.
  • Bones give us a shape, without them we would be like  mush.
  • Bones help us to fun, jump, and play!

Reading and Media resources:

Science: Bones!

  • I was able to pick up several skeleton things for very cheap at oriental trading and the dollar store.  Halloween is a very convenient time to study the Skeletal System!  I picked up these mini skeletons, and they matched perfectly to the skeletons in our books.  Both L and I carried their skeleton around for days, and Libby especially was eager to point out the parts at any chance she could get.

  • I also got these skeletal stickers and body outline at oriental trading.  They all came in a 12 pack, but that’s great, we’ll pull them out again next year!

  • We put together a foam puzzle of our skeleton.  Again, both Libby and Ian loved this, and we will get a ton of use out of this in the future.  Heck, I could’ve used something like that when I was studying anatomy!

  • We learned that calcium in dairy helps our bones stay strong and healthy.

  • And it worked out very, VERY well than the pelvis model I ordered for the childbirth education class I’m going to be teaching arrived this week!  Libby and Ian were both enthralled with it, and Libby kept asking me how I was able to get such “really, really old pelvis bones”.  🙂  This is the model:

Skeleton Snacks!

  • We made ‘bones’ by pushing mini marshmallows on either side stick pretzels, and dipping them in white chocolate.  Yum!

  • We also ate a ‘skeleton man’ with our dinner one night!  Libby got a kick out of telling us that she was “eating his rib” or “chewing up his leg bone” 🙂


  • We practiced our letter X, and then made an X-Ray craft by tracing their hands, and gluing Q-Tips on for bones.

Spooky Art:

And here are my two trick-or-treaters!  Tinkerbell and Peter Pan!

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