{FIAR} How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

This week we read the story How to Bake an Apple Pie and See the World by Marjorie Priceman.  The story follows a girl who wants to bake an apple pie, but when she goes to the market for ingredients, it is closed.  To obtain her ingredients, she travels the world to gather the needed items.

Her travels include

  • Italy for Semolina wheat
  • France for a chicken to provide elegant eggs
  • Sri Lanka for cinnamon from the bark of a tree
  • England for a cow to provide fresh milk for butter
  • Across the Atlantic Ocean to gather saltwater from the sea.
  • Jamaica to collect sugar cane from a plantation.
  • Vermont to pick apples from an apple orchard


  • We read 3 in 1: A Picture of God.
  • This fantastic book compares the parts of an apple to the Holy Trinity.  The apple has three parts: the skin, flesh, and core but it is still one apple.  God has three parts: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit but is still one God.  We loved this book so much, and it made a difficult concept to teach make sense to little ears.


For fun, I print out each country’s flag, and taped them around the house making stations for each location mentioned in the book.  At the station was the item waiting to be collected and put into their “suitcase”, which was just a decorated gift bag.  As we read through the book the second time, we pretended to drive a car, ride a train, fly an airplane, ride a steamboat, row a banana boat, or parachute back down to ground depending on the description in the book as we “traveled” from location to location.

I certainly don’t expect Libby or Ian to remember everything about these locations that we visited, but they were able to pick up  a few interesting facts about each country we visited.  A few facts we learned:

  • We brushed up on our Italian (as instructed in the book!): Ciao is a greeting in Italian
  • I pointed out the picture of the Eiffel Tower in the illustration of France, and said “Bonjour” to the chickens!
  • Sri Lanka is a pear shaped island, cinnamon is harvested from the bark of a tree here
  • We looked at the picture of the castle on the illustration of England and discussed that there are real kings and queens here
  • We learned that bananas are grown in Jamaica
  • And Vermont is a state in the USA!

We put the markers on the map showing where we visited, and also compared all the flags.  Libby was able to pick out the United States flag from the lineup.  We talked about what a flag is and both kids designed a flag for our family.

Close-up of the flag Libby designed for our family. “A spider with a smile face and zig-zags”. Haha.

  • We read about Johnny Appleseed, who was a real man who traveled west and helped spread apple seeds as he went.  We also watched a video of the original Disney film Johnny Appleseed.
  • We learned about different forms of transportation mentioned in the book, and they each got an airplane to put together and fly around the house.

Yes, her shoes are backwards, she insists on putting them on herself! 🙂

Language Arts

Some vocabulary words we learned this week:

  • elegant
  • ingredients
  • plantation
  • superb
  • persuade

We also acted out the steps of making our pie as we read the book which included milling wheat, grinding cinnamon, milking the cow, churning butter, slicing apples, mixing ingredients, baking, and eating the pie.

Science Topics:

  • We learned the parts of the apple and the life-cycle of the apple tree through the book The Apple Pie Tree.   We really wanted to go apple picking but sadly there was nowhere within 2 hours to do so 😦
  • We learned about evaporation.  In the book the girl collected saltwater from the sea, and evaporated the water leaving the salt behind.  We recreated this by mixing salt and water, then heating it on the stove and evaporating the water.  The salt was left behind.

  • Eggs come from chickens
  • Milk that most people drink is produced by cows and mammals make milk
    • Libby showed a large interest in this topic so we studied it a little more in-depth through various books and videos.  We learned that cows have four stomachs, chew cud, and produce milk through their udders.
    • We made butter from cream by shaking it in a container (and our Ninja helped out when our arms got tired!).  We flavored it with the salt from our evaporated seawater.  It was delicious!

    • We visited a dairy farm to see cows!  We live in a very agriculturally rich area, so this was not a difficult thing to find.


  • We made apple pie play doh which smelled delightful!

  • We made a basket of apples craft by using the apples as stamps.  After we cut the apple in half and observed the skin, flesh, core, seeds, and stem, we got out the paint and painted with them.  Well, Libby did.  Ian decided to eat his half 🙂

Practical Life Skills

And to wrap up the whole week, we of course baked an apple pie!  Libby grated the cinnamon, and we used the butter we “churned” from cream.

Peeling apples

Pouring apple mixture into crust

Our finished pie!

Other things we did this week:

  • Worked on forming our numbers:

  • Had a picnic:

  • We are working through our current read aloud: Mrs. Piggle Wiggle.  I remember having this read to me as a child and I loved it.  Libby begs to read a chapter every day.  Although I’m not sure she’s fully understanding the content, she begs to continue so I read on…
  • The biggest news around here has been Libby READING!  She has began to read simple early reader books:  “I see Sam.  Sam can see the bats.  I can see the bee.”  She really is reading and understanding phonics.  She is SO excited!!  And so are we.  It is such a joy to see both children soaking up information like sponges.  We are so blessed to be on this journey with them!

Ian turned 2 yesterday and we had a special family day.  This week we are reading As Mr. Bear, which discusses birthdays and gifts.  We are planning a party for him on Thursday with his friends so this ties in well!  I’ll share that next week.  -Megan


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2 thoughts on “{FIAR} How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

  1. Love, Love, Love what you are doing with your children! Making butter…amazing! What a wonderful world you are opening up for them! Great Job!!!

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