{BFIAR} Ask Mr. Bear

We rowed Ask Mr. Bear by Marjorie Flack this week.  Published originally in 1932, it is a children’s classic.  It’s a darling story of a boy, Danny, who is in search of a birthday gift for his mother.  He asks Mrs. Hen, Mrs. Goose, Mrs. Goat, Mrs. Sheep, and Mrs. Cow if they have a gift he can give his mother.  They all reply with their product (an egg, down feathers for a pillow, goats cheese, wool for a blanket, and milk/cream) but Danny’s mother already has all of these things.  So they suggest he goes to see Mr. Bear.  Mr. Bear has no product to provide, but whispers a secret idea in his ear.  Danny runs home to give his birthday gift – a big bear hug!
This was a fun book to read through this week, as we we celebrated Ian’s second birthday.  We also had learned about cows last week, so it was a natural progression to learn more about other animals and their products this week!

The Go-Along books we read:

  • The Present by Bob Gill – A boy finds a present hidden in his parents closet waiting for his birthday.  He imagines all sorts of things that could be in the box, but when a woman comes to the door collecting toys for children who have none the boy gives the present away.
  • Sheep by Sara Swan Miller
  • Cow by Malachy Doyle
  • Chicks and Chickens by Gail Gibbons
  • Moo, Moo, Brown Cow, Have You Any Milk?  by Phillis Gershator – This was such a great go-along book for Ask Mr. Bear!  It is a twist on the classic “Baa Baa Black Sheep” but goes through many different farm animals and the products they produce, including all discussed except the goat.  Both children enjoyed the rhyme and rhythm of the words.
  • Forest by Deborah Lock – This was a Discovery Kids book, and was geared towards older children, but we looked through the pages several times talking about what kind of animals live in the forest, what we would see in a forest, ect.  The pictures were great!

Ian’s Camping Themed Birthday Party!

Bible Verse

  • God loves a cheerful giver   2 Corinthians 9:7


  • Throughout the books there are many action words including:  skipping, trotting, running, walking, galloping and hopping.  As we read through the book, Libby and Ian acted out the actions.

Language Arts

  • We wrote out each gift suggestion and made rhyming words with each (ex:  egg: leg, Meg, peg)
  • For comprehension skills, Libby and Ian put on a puppet show acting out the whole story using Ian’s new puppet stage he received as a gift for his birthday!

  • Story Settings – we talked about what a setting is and identified the three different settings in our story (Danny’s house, a farm, and a forest).  We made illustrations of each setting, and then placed story sequence cards I printed from the lapbook (found at http://www.homeschoolshare.com) in the correct setting.

  • We made this mini book and reviewed directional terms (over, under, between, ect.).


  • After 4 days of reading, I asked them if they could remember all the gift suggestions and which animal gave the suggestion.  They were able to name them all!


  • Forest Habitat:  We read through our forest book and talked about what a forest is and who lives there.  Libby them did a project where she cut out several animals and then pasted them in two categories depending on where they live, either farm or forest.  We also hope to be able to visit a forest in the next weekend or so, but this week was just full with Ian’s Birthday and Thanksgiving coming up!

  • Animal Products – last week we focused on cows and milk, and this week we turned our focus to chickens.  We watched several videos of chicks cracking out of eggs, and then pretended to be chicks ourselves cracking out of eggs.  So fun!  We also read about sheep, cows, and goats.  We also played a matching game matching the product to the animal.



  • We pulled out the counting bears and practiced writing numbers on the dry-erase board. I would call out a random number, and she would write it and put the number of bears on the board.



  • We had a “farm fresh” meal including cows milk, goat cheese, eggs, and carrot.

We had a fun week! 🙂


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