{FIAR} Cranberry Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving week!  But I’m so sad to say that when I went to blog about it, there was an error on my SD card so most of the photos I took are unusable, so there aren’t many photos showing our activities and our Thanksgiving dinner – which really bums me out!!


We rowed the book Cranberry Thanksgiving.  A young girl and her grandmother celebrate Thanksgiving in New England on a cranberry bog.  Grandmother has a special delicious cranberry bread recipe that is known for miles around.  She keeps it hidden in the fireplace.  They each invite a guest to their Thanksgiving dinner; the girl invites a scruffy, smelly man, Mr. Whiskers, and the grandmother invites a clean-cut business man with a gold cane, Mr. Horrace.  Grandmother thinks Mr. Whiskers is going to try to steal her recipe, but when Mr. Horrace tries to steal the recipe for his bakery in the city, Mr. Whiskers saves the day.  The moral of the story?  Don’t judge a person based on appearances.

some things we did this week:


  • We read several books about the first Thanksgiving and talked about why we celebrate, and different ways people do so.
  • Traced the journey of the Mayflower on our map.


  • We made a ‘Give Thanks’ turkey where Libby listed things she is thankful for.
  • We made and painted silhouettes of each child.  In the story, one of the pages shows full silhouettes of each character.  
  • We talked about the season fall, picked out leaves that had fallen off the trees, and made leaf prints.
  • We constructed our own Pilgrim Hats made from construction paper!
  • We made hand-print turkeys





  • Cranberries!  We watched several videos on YouTube about cranberry bogs and how cranberries are harvested.  We used a large tub of water to pretend that we had our own bog, and Libby used her hands to be the machine that harvests the berries.
  • We observed cranberries, hypothesized if they would float or sink, noticed how they bounced, and opened them to peek at the inside.  We practiced measuring, pouring, and using tongs to transfer them.




Yummy Foods!

  • We made Grandmother’s famous Cranberry Bread recipe for our Thanksgiving Dinner.
  • We made a sour cream coffee cake and talked about how this was a recipe passed down from her own grandmother that we make for our own holiday celebrations in our family.  Libby spent some time looking through our book of family recipes that includes recipes from both her grandmothers, great grandmother, and even her great, great grandmother! 
  • We tried cranberry juice and cranberries plain.


Libby also learned and is working on setting the table.  We had a great low-key Thanksgiving dinner at home as a family of four.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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