December Wrapped Up!

We’ve been crazy busy the last few weeks with the holidays and then a two week trip back to Michigan to visit family.  We got home a few nights ago and finally got the clothes unpacked and are settling back into normal life!

This post is probably going to be a long one, just want to warn you!!  🙂

We had a quiet Christmas together as a family (the first in three years!).  This was the first Christmas where the little ones truly understood the reason for the season, and it was a joy to celebrate through their eyes.

We continued through our ’24 days of Christmas books’ and learned all about the birth of Jesus.  On the 22rd of December we were able to culminate our lesson with a trip back in time through The Living Nativity put on through a local church.  We drove through the streets of Bethlehem as the story was told.  They did such a fantastic job; hundred of people dressed as people of that day, and real animals (including camels) were walking about!  We ended our trip at the stable with Mary, Joseph, and the new baby.  The awesome choir gathered around dressed as angels and sang their praises.  It was so great, and if we are here next Christmas we will be doing it again for sure.

The next evening we headed to Fresno to go down Christmas Tree Lane, which is 2 miles of homes that decorate with tons and tons of lights.  It was so beautiful, and the children were in wonder as they looked around them.

xmas lights

On Christmas Eve we made some cinnamon ornaments (recipe here) and pushed the kids hand-prints into them.  These turned out cute and smell so good!



And then after naps we made sugar cookies to leave out for Santa!




Our finished cookies!


Libby and Ian both got to open one present which contained new Christmas pajamas!


And then we opened our last book, which was a sweet story titled, “Room for a Little One“.  



Libby wanted to write Santa a note, so I wrote what she told me.  The kids picked cookies for Santa and we poured some milk, and they headed to bed.



Christmas morning was a blast opening gifts!  We were able to Skype with family back home so they could share in our joy.  What a blessing technology has been for us.




Skyping with Nana and Papa while opening their new Ipad Mini!


This is how California kids make snow angels!


A dune buggy from Grandma and Grandpa Halberstadt and Uncle Matthew!


We had a great Christmas morning and then we had our local family and our awesome babysitter join us for Christmas dinner that evening.  All in all it was a fantastic holiday and we are blessed to be together this year!

For New Years eve we joined some awesome friends for a game of cosmic bowling and played in the arcade afterwards.





And then headed home to make noisemakers our of pie tins with beans in the middle!  We were all ready for the ball to drop.  We also realized how great it is to be on the west coast on New Years with kids.  We were able to watch the ball drop at 9pm, have our celebration, and go to bed 🙂



We watched the ball drop and rang in the new year with Root Beer float toasts!  Yum!


Happy New Year to you and yours as well!  May 2013 hold many blessings 🙂




One thought on “December Wrapped Up!

  1. Love all the things that you do….looks like so much fun and so many great memories and traditions being made! Happy New Yeal!

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