{BFIAR} The Little Rabbit

I gave Libby the option of which book she wanted to row next, and she picked The Little Rabbit by Judy Dunn.  She loves rabbits, and her favorite stuffed animal is Bunny, who sleeps tucked in with her each night, so I wasn’t surprised she wanted to read this book!

Things we learned about this week:

Photography!  Instead of illustrations, this book has many colorful photographs telling the story of the girl and her pet rabbit.  The rabbit gives birth to seven baby bunnies, who the girl generously shares with her friends.

We set up our own photo shoot with our stuffed animal Bunny, and the kids were allowed to use my camera to adjust the focus and take the picture.  Here are a few of their best shots:


And one of them both!


We talked and read many books about pets and the keeping of animals.  We visited the horses at the stable on base, and learned about veterinarians.  Libby and Ian each took turns pretending to be a vet taking care of their stuffed animals:



And of course Mama had to be checked out, too!

ImageOur amazing babysitter helped L and I make this nest with the mother rabbit and her babies.  Each of the baby bunnies are labeled with their names, corresponding to the days of the week.  We practiced our days of the week song many times and focused on this a lot this week!


I filled in this questionnaire about Libby’s ‘pet rabbit’.  She was so funny and really went into full detail about her bunny!



We played a game with our giant dice.  Libby and Ian listed six common pets, and then we numbered them.  We took turns rolling the dice and pretending to be the animal that the number rolled corresponded with.  So fun!  We had a fun week learning about rabbits and pets!  Someday in the not too far future we’ll be able to get a pet of our own, but until then, it’s great to learn about the responsibility and the kindness that is important when taking care of animals.

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