{BFIAR} The Snowy Day

We spent two weeks in Michigan during January, and spent several weeks reading through the children’s classic The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.  The kids LOVED this book, and I think we read it 3 times a day for a month straight!  It is such a simple little book and the illustrations are beautiful.

Our ‘row’ in photos:

We made Borax Crystal Snowflakes:


ImageWe made Snowball Cookies:



I put shaving cream onto their trays and used craft sticks to drag through the ‘snow’.  They loved squishing it through their fingers.


Dinner one night was tacos, but Libby decided she wanted a snowflake tortilla!


Snowball fight!!! (California style) Indoor fort and snowball fight with cotton balls.  So much fun!


We recreated the artwork from The Snowy Day using solid paper, watercolor, and stamps!


Playing with ‘Instasnow’.  Just add water to the powder and it expanded!  It felt just like snow and lasted for days! 


While the snow was actually scarce during our time in Michigan, we took full advantage of what was left!  Both L and I loved the snow!!  They went sledding, rode Papa’s snowmobile, and made a snowman.  We had so much fun on our snowy adventure with the adorable children’s book, The Snowy Day!


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