{BFAIR} The Big Green Pocketbook

This week we traveled all around town with the book, The Big Green Pocketbook.. A young girl and her mother take the bus into town and visits the bank, insurance company, laundromat, jewelry store, drug store, and five and ten store. We discussed the concept of money, did some role-playing, visited local stores, and learned about the color green.

The Big Green Pocketbook cover

We mixed the colors blue and yellow to make green.



We had a day out on the town.  We visited a jewelry counter


Went clothes (and accessory!) shopping:


Pretending to be purchasing orange-shaped gum drops for daddy, just like the little girl in our story.



Picking up our dress at the ‘laundromat’:


Libby played the boardgame Busytown with Nana:


We also sang “The Wheels on the Bus”.  We counted and did simple math and sorting with lollipops.  The little girl in the book was given two lollipops at the bank: one for now and one for later.

The girl in the book purchased a new box of crayons at the dime store.  Libby also received a new box of crayons for her green pocketbook.  When the girl accidentally left her pocketbook on the bus, the driver generously returned it to her.  For this kindness, the girl made the driver a beautiful picture.  Libby decided to use her crayons to make a birthday card for Nana.

pocketbook coloring

Everything packed in her green pocketbook!


Other fun things we did this week:





We’re enjoying the beautiful California sun and weather in the 70’s.  It’s the perfect time for outdoor play!

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