Happy Birthday Dr. Suess!


This week we celebrated the Birthday of Dr. Suess by reading some of his classic works!

We started the week out with The Cat in the Hat, which was the favorite of the week.  I think I read this book 3x a day, and by the third day Libby was repeating the book back to me!

We made strawberry and cream hats with an Oreo cookie bottom:


And watched The Cat in the Hat theater play on Netflix every morning by request.  Libby told me that when “she’s bigger” she wants to go to that show.  It really made me aware that they ARE old enough to be attending local plays as they both really got into it, and clapped and bowed with the audience and players.


We practiced our -AT family words, and rhyming by making our own hat!

cat hat

We also read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  On this day, We used their inflatable pool and I put paper fish inside of it of varying colors and sizes.  L and I took turns ‘fishing’ and placing the fish in the correct column to form a graph.  I asked them questions about the results, “What color has the most fish?”  “The least?”.  Then they put them in order from largest to smallest.



We also had a fishy snack of blue Jello with Swedish fish:


When we read Oh The Places You’ll Go we did some fun science experiments with balloons based on the hot air balloons seen throughout the books.  I had the kids hypothesize how balloons move forward, and then we blew up the balloons and let them go.  They were ecstatic to see them fly through the air.

Next, I put baking soda into the bottom of a bottle, added vinegar and quickly put the balloon over the top of the bottle.  We watched as the chemical reaction caused the balloon to expand and fill.  Pure joy from both of the kids, and we did this several times!  I love being witness to these early discoveries.


While reading Green Eggs and Ham we talked about the importance of trying new things, which is often a problem with my picky eating little girl.  The story actually inspired to her to try some new things, and she happily has exclaimed, “I like it, Sam-I-am!”

I made a green egg out of vanilla pudding and a Nilla Wafer for a snack.


We have several other Suess books that we read throughout the week, as well 🙂


Other things we did this week:

Right after he built this very high tower, he picked it up and banged me in the head with it, and thought it was hilarious!


Libby and I are continuing to work on CVC words.  We also played a few math guessing games involving her 3D shapes: cube, cylinder, cone and sphere.


We’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day next week.  Hope you and yours are having a lucky week as well! -Megan

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