{BFIAR} If Jesus Came to My House

We have spent the last few days reading If Jesus Came to My House by Joan Thomas.  In this sweet story, a little boy imagines what he would do if Jesus came to visit him.  He would serve tea, let him play with his favorite toys, and have the longest turn on the rocking horse.  He realizes that Jesus can’t really come to play with him, “as he has imagined”, but by showing God’s love to others – and treating them the way we would treat Jesus – the Lord is with us.

go along books


Matthew 7:12 So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

We talked about treating everyone with respect, the way you would want to be treated.

Motor Skills

“And with my bricks I’d build for him a palace of his own…”

We used our cardboard bricks to build a palace!  Libby and Ian decided that Clifford lived in their palace 🙂 And yes, Ian is wearing his fishing gear.  He’s all boy 🙂

 block palace


“When we were done we’d stack the toys all neatly on the shelf…”

We practiced stacking our blocks neatly away when we were done playing.



“And though the house is dark at night with shadows on the wall…”

In the story the boy is afraid of the dark and of the shadows on the wall, but with Jesus there he knows that he is safe.  We learned about how shadows are made and had fun playing with our shadows!  We also learned that night is really just a shadow when the earth is turned away from the sun.  Libby was very intrigued by this concept.

Can you make your shadow shorter?

short shadows

Can you make your shadow taller?

tall shadows

Can you make your shadows hold hands?

holding hands shadows

Tracing our shadows with chalk.

chalk shadow

Language Arts

We read the poem, “My Shadow” by Robert Louis Stevenson.

shadow poem

We are still working through our reading program All About Reading Pre-Level.  We are about half way through and the kids are thoroughly enjoying it.  Libby is really grasping concepts well.  Recently we have been working on identifying phonetic sounds in words.  She does very well with this.  Both kids LOVE Ziggy!  I don’t quite understand it, but they go bonkers when he comes out for the reading lesson, and will cooperate with the puppet far better than they do with me.  I would’ve never guessed, but the maker of this puppet is genius! 🙂

Here she is identifying which picture has to ‘get out of the wagon’ – sled, sick, or zebra.  Zebra gets out because it has a different starting sound.

aar wagon



I also asked Libby to finish the statement:

“If Jesus came to my house I would…give him a fresh cup of milk and let him hold my bunny!”


We talked about fear.  Everyone gets scared, sometimes.  It’s ok to feel this way.  What are some things that can help us feel better?  Talk to someone, cuddle up with stuffed animals, and know that God is always with us, loving us.

Life Skills

“Then I would put the kettle on to make a cup of tea, and we would be as happy and as friendly as can be.”

We practiced our manners and hospitality skills by having a tea party!  Well, we didn’t have tea, but we set the table full of goodies and used the finest of our manners.  We had petite finger sandwiches (PB&J), strawberries, water with orange slices.  We had such an enjoyable lunch!

For desert we had ‘fudge fluffies’ (chocolate pinwheels).  We talked about what a tradition is.  I told them how when I was a little girl my grandmother and mother would have tea parties with me and serve fudge fluffies.  It was a special to have a tea party with my children and enjoy this yummy treat.

Our table

tea party spread

ian tea party

libby tea party

ian pitcher

libby fudge

ian fudge

We had a great few days with this story.  The illustrations are beautiful and the lessons to be learned are many.

Other things we did this week:

Today was Daddy’s Birthday!

We made a cake.  daddy cake

candles and daddy cake

blow candles out

One thought on “{BFIAR} If Jesus Came to My House

  1. I have tears of joy rolling down my cheeks as I read this and see all the wonderful things you are doing and teaching these beautiful children!

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