Happy Independence Day 2013!

This week we read books about the history behind Independence Day!  I really want the children to understand the historic meanings behind the holidays we celebrate – in bite sized chunks that my preschoolers can understand.  We discussed how the people living in the 13 colonies did not want to be under the King’s rule, they wanted freedom to make their own decisions.  So, the Deceleration of Independence of written, and we went to war, and at the end we won!  We were then a free country with 13 states.

We also read about Betsy Ross, and talked about the differences from the original flag to the way the flag is now.  We already say the Pledge of Allegiance, but we read this book below that explained what the words inside meant.  And finally, we read a book that discussed the different ways we celebrate the 4th of July today in America.

4th books

I found these fantastic books below at our local library.  They both had music CDs that came with them, as we played the music, we turned the pages and looked at the wonderful illustrations of the Revolution and our country.

singing books

Our Fourth of July display!

united we stand

Examining our flag.  We counted the stripes and stars.

look at flag

And we recreated our own flags with artwork.

libby make a flag

flag project

We painted fireworks using brushes, pipe cleaners to ‘splat’ and doilies.

paint fireworks 4

paint fireworks 3

paint fireworks 1 paint fireworks 2

Ian practiced his fine motor skills by using the tongs to transfer the pom poms into the stars.

usa ball transfer

Libby and Ian did some beading.

ian beading


On the Fourth of July we played with water balloons.  This was the kids first time doing this and they had a blast!

water balloons

We ate bratwurst that Daddy grilled, and ended our cookout with delicious flag cupcakes!

flag cupcakes

libby cupcake

ian cupcakeAnd we ended our holiday by watching fireworks!  We had a great day.


watching fireworks

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