Dino Week!

Two weeks ago we transformed into paleontologists and went on a discovery back in time to the days of the dinosaurs!  I hadn’t planned on doing this dino unit, but when we saw that there was a dinosaur exhibit coming to down, we decided to learn about them and go.


Along with many (MANY) picture books about dinosaurs, we read Magic Tree House Dinosaurs Before Dark and the accompanying Research Guide about Dinosaurs.  This was our first Magic Tree House book and Libby loved it!  I see reading many more in our future.

Product DetailsProduct Details


We placed a dice game and made a chart, then we went over which dino had the most rolls,  and which had the least.




 Language Arts

We read the story Danny and the Dinosaur (about a hundred times….) and talked about if it was a made-up story or real.  Can dinosaurs really talk?  Leave the museum for a day of fun?  No!  But the author can tell her story as she likes, and this is a fictional story, it’s not real.  Then I asked Libby to narrate her own dinosaur story, while I wrote it down.  I thought she was have a cute tale, but her story was kind of sad, but it’s hard to talk about the dinosaurs without discussing why they’re not here anymore.



We of course learned all about dinosaurs!

We read a book about fossils and learned how paleontologists can learn about dinosaurs by the fossils that were left behind.  We made our own fossils with play-doh.


 playdoh fossil 2

We assembled a dinosaur model (which happened to glow in the dark which Libby and Ian thought was “so cool!”).

Dino model

And we dug for dinosaur bones!

dino dig 1




Libby narrated “Dinosaur Facts”, and Ian’s Dino facts are his scribbles 🙂


We made dino bone treats (refrigerated pizza crust with cinnamon and sugar baked).

dino treats

And we ended our unit with a trip to the Discover the Dinosaurs exhibit.  This was really fun!  It had dinosaurs that moved and made sounds, and we walked through prehistoric time.  At the end there was fun things for the kids – like dino rides and dino bounce houses.  Libby and Ian had a blast!

Dino show 3

Dino show 1


ian on Dino

Lib on Dino

We had a great week!

One thought on “Dino Week!

  1. Loved seeing Libby carefully looking for the dinosaur bones! How did you encase them so she could fine them? so neat!

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