{BFIAR} Jenny’s Surprise Summer

With Summer in full swing, we rowed Jenny’s Surprise Summer.  Set at the ocean’s side, we learned about the beach and animals who live in shells.  We also learned about kittens, as the little girl in the story has found two kittens to take care of.  She ends up needing to make a big decision at the end, so we talked a lot about the decision-making process.

Some Go-Along Books We Read:

Product DetailsProduct Details

Product DetailsProduct Details

Language Arts

After reading A House for Hermit Crab we reviewed the sequence of the story and the months of the year.

hermit crab months



We read all about hermit crabs and decorated our own ‘hermit houses’.


ImageWe explored several types of shells and starfish.





We made glitter starfish and orange kittens just like in our story.





Sensory Play

I found a recipe for homemade sand play-doh that was so easy!  Equal parts of flour and water and sand, with a little bit of oil.  It was the perfect consistency and so fun!




We couldn’t get away to the beach that week, so we brought the beach to us!  A huge bag of sandbox sand cost $4.00 and was well worth it!


Libby sand


I found this fabulous recipe that was so delicious!  It is like dirt dessert, but uses Vanilla Wafer crumbs with a few Oreo crumbs mixed in.  YUM!  It looked so real, the kids didn’t believe they could eat it!



Field Trip

We were able to visit the Discovery Center in Fresno, which is a children’s science museum.  They had so much fun running around exploring!  We looked at some shells and even saw real hermit crabs!

Libby hermit crab

Lib Shells

Listen to shell

We also visited the Cat Adoption Center here on base to snuggle some kitties.

Libby cat

Jenny’s Surprise Summer is an adorable story and Libby and Ian had such fun with the activities!

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