{BFIAR} Angus Lost

The first week of August we rowed Angus Lost.  In this story Angus the dog decides he wants to see the world outside the front gate.  He wanders off and meets another dog, a goat, and a car.  As he is trying to find his way home, snow begins to fall and he must spend his night in a cave.  Once morning comes, he follows the milk man home – and realizes home isn’t so bad after all!



Social Studies

We reviewed what Libby should do if she were lost.  We role-played different situations, and went over her full name, mom and dad’s names, and where she lives.  I decided to hold off on memorizing our address as we will be moving soon but we did start memorizing our phone number.  We also practiced calling 911 on her pretend phone.

What is a ‘milk man’?  We discussed where milk comes from, and that the milk man used to deliver milk, but now we go to our supermarket to buy milk.

Language Arts

Story Sequencing Cards

angus sequence


We read through Five True Dog Stories which included five short stories about historical dogs.  This is from the Sonlight reading list.

Word Families

angus word families


The illustrations in the book are in an A/B pattern of black/white and color.  I asked Libby if she could figure out the pattern, and then we spent some time making other A/B patterns with other objects around the house.

We played a pet shop game that I printed off of Homeschoolshare.  It allowed us to review numbers, and it was a good introduction to the concept of money.

pet shop 1

pet shop 2



After reading a book about caves, we pretended we were going on a cave exploration.






Later that day we made salt dough caves.  After they dried, L and I painted their caves, as well.

salt dough caves


We read through the Magic Tree House Fact Tracker: Dog Heroes.

While we learned about dogs, we pretended we were puppies!  We practiced our doggie tricks – these dogs can even ride scooters!

Libby was a basset hound, but she decided to wear her ears flipped up because she was riding so fast on the scooter that her ears were being blown back in the wind 🙂


Ian’s dog had cropped ears!  He wanted them up like this.



Angus was a Scottish Terrior.  We used black yarn to make our own scruffy Angus.  I had also given them both a small ‘Angus’ stuffed animal at the beginning of the week.  Libby named her dog Licky.

dog art 1

dog art 2


We made ‘doggie treat’ peanut butter cookies!  And of course we ate them out of our (purchased brand new) doggie bowls.  We actually ended up eating lunch every day from our dog bowls!

Yep…my two year old cracks eggs!  He’s pretty good at it actually!





The kiddos also played with our sweet babysitter’s dog!  They were thrilled to play fetch!

dog 1

dog 2

Sensory Play

This week I filled our bin with Insta-Snow.  This fun pretend snow feels very similar to snow, but it’s not cold.  Ian wasn’t very interested in it, but Libby played for hours.  I added some dogs, a goat, a cat, and a ‘milk truck’ for her to act out the story.

fake snow 1

fake snow 2

Other Things We Have been Up To:

The weather has been beautiful!  We’ve been spending several hours outside each day.


Helping each other on the swings (blurry because it was taken from across the playground – didn’t want to disturb them!)


Car wash with Dad

car wash 2

car wash 1

And finally, Libby and Ian have started doing chores!  This is what a disco fairy looks like while cleaning the toilet.  She asked to help; of course I said yes!  She learned to clean the bathroom this week, and has done it 3x by herself.

“Mommy, can I clean the bathroom today?”  Why YES you can 🙂  Ian is also helping out around the house by dusting and wiping the tables down.

We have implemented a chore chart and rewards program which so far is working well!  I’ll have to share soon.


I cannot believe we have reached our last BFIAR book!  It has been such a wonderful learning journey with our children, and we look forward to continuing with the Five in a Row products for many years to come!  We plan to re-row these books for Ian next year, so I have tucked everything away until then, I know it will be like visiting old friends.

As we were outside this evening, Libby looked up, pointed at the moon, and said, “Look Mama, it’s a crescent moon tonight”.  We learned about the moon over a year ago in June 2012 when we rowed Goodnight MoonMore proof that when you have fun and read great books, the information sticks! 🙂

Libby turns 4 this week (what happened to my baby??), and I am nearly finished with her Pre-K plans, so I’ll be posting them soon!

Warmly, Megan

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