Pre-K Plans 2013 / 2014

Pre-K Plans

Not much is changing around here, we keep our steady routine and will be continuing with many of the same things we started last year. My children thrive on routine and beg to do activities. As always, once they say they’re done, or want to move to something else, we do!

Libby is 4 this year, and is my academic-minded, workbook-loving child! She just can’t get enough, and wants to read for hours and hours. Ian will be 3 this year, and he tags along and has fun with his sister. He is my active and exploring boy who prefers to learn through ‘doing’ and play.

Morning Basket

We start our days out snuggling on the couch; it’s a great way to ease into our day. We use a ‘morning basket’ with books that we read short stories from every day. We rotate topics reading from a few books each day. This year our morning books we are reading are selections from Sonlight’s P4/5 program.


101 Favorite Stories from the Bible

A Treasury of Mother Goose

The Children’s Book of Virtues

Stories from Around the World

Things People Do

Varying books about the body – Each week we will read a book about a different body system (Libby asked especially for this!)


We rotate through colors/numbers/shapes/letters.

Literature – Homeschoolshare Units

We love learning through books around here, and Before Five in a Row was a perfect fit for last year. We will continue with literature units based on children’s books from These are fabulous unit studies have that have been put together by homeschooling mothers and they are free! Built into the units are language arts, social studies, science and art. We will return to Five in a Row next year for K! I wanted to save it to use until Libby and Ian are both within the advised age/maturity levels so we can continue to learn together.


Reading – All About Reading Level 1

Libby completed All About Reading Pre-Level at the beginning of the Summer. Through this program we reviewed rhyming, syllables, word length, and letter sounds. We are HUGE Ziggy fans around here, and he will be continuing with us to AAR Level 1 this year.


Math – Singapore Essential Math Kindergarten B

Libby completed the level A last year, and we will continue through level B this year.

Essential Math Kindergarten B   -

Handwriting – Handwriting Without Tears Get Set for School

Again, we started this last year and are moving at a very slow pace. Both children enjoy using the wooden blocks and chalk board to create letters. Ian loves this because it’s hands-on and Libby enjoys tracing the letters in the workbook.


I’m looking forward to a great year!


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