PreK Week 1 Review


Our first official week of ‘PreK’ was great!   We’re getting back into the swing of our routine and having fun!  To kick off our first day, we went out for lunch and ice cream.  Libby and Ian were both very excited to be doing ‘school’ again 🙂




This week we read through the stories of Creation and Adam and Eve.  Libby especially is enjoying her new storybook bible.

Exploring the Human Body: Cells

To prepare for our human body study, on Tuesday we pulled out a large roll of paper and traced around each of the kids bodies.  We hung our traced bodies on the wall – and now they are ready to add all our body system parts to them as we learn.

We kicked off our human body study with by learning about the building blocks of our body: cells!  We read several books, including, Cells Are Us.  Libby and Ian each chose their favorite cell to color a picture of.  Libby chose a red blood cell, and Ian chose a bone cell.



We then did a fun activity to learn about all the different parts of an animal cell.  I used partially-solidified blue Jello to represent cytoplasm of an animal cell.  We then added in different fruit and candy to represent different parts of the cell.  While I did say the names of the parts as we added the items, it was not my intention that L and I fully grasp or remember the name and function of the cell parts.  Rather, I hope they take away that many specialized parts work together to help us live and function, and that hope they understand how truly wonderfully and intricately in which we are made!




We started Singapore Kindgergarten B, and did 4 pages.  We learned about simple addition (What is one more than 5?).  Libby thought this was pretty easy and told me, “Mom, I already know how to do this….”  🙂


We finished lesson 1 of All About Reading Level 1 this week.  We reviewed the short vowel sound of a, and phonograms m, s and p.  We also played a game with Ziggy decoding vowels from consonants.  Libby’s got it down!

We also started our first read aloud of the year: A Bear Called Paddington, which we are all enjoying very much!


We practiced capital M this week with our HWT wooden shapes, chalk board and workbook.

Learning through Literature:  If You Give a Moose a Muffin


This week we read through Laura Numeroff’s If You Give a Moose a Muffin, as well as many of her similar titles.  These are absolutely adorable books that had both kids laughing out loud!  We talked a bit about cause and effect relationships, and made up our own cause and effect stories.

“If you give a Libby a doughnut, she will want some juice!” – Libby, Age 4

We did some fun muffin activities!

We made banana muffins:

moose 6

And played a numbers / sorting game:moose 7

And worked on our word families:Moose 8

We also learned to sew using large plastic needles and yarn – just like the moose needed to sew his button.

moose 10

moose 9

All in all, I think both kids enjoyed the week!  I just love catching them going back over what we’ve learned on their own.  My goal is to ignite a love of learning; so far, so good.

moose 11

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