A Day in the Life…

Over at iHomeschool Network they are blogging about daily homeschool schedules this week.  I’ve said it before, but my kids thrive on a routine, as do I.  We all get along and have much smoother days when there is a plan.  So because of this, most days follow the same rhythm, although nothing is set in stone, and I follow the children’s lead.

I snapped some pictures as we went through our routine today.  It’s our second week into our Pre-K year.  L and I are both early-risers and morning people.  I, however, am not!  They both wake around 7am, and have some time to watch cartoons, play with their toys, and eat breakfast.  I usually make it downstairs around 8am, and need time to have some caffeine before I can start my day 🙂

Because it is Monday, I had switched out our book display to our new library books for the week (each week we do a new literature unit study).  This week we are reading bear books.  Libby was thrilled this morning when she came downstairs to see the new books.  I love her enthusiasm.  She then needed to go get her own polar bear, Cubby, to learn with us today.

routine 1

“Look Mommy, new chapter books!”


routine 2

Between 9 and 9:30am we clean up the toys and breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, and get ready to begin our day.  We start by doing our calender and Pledge, today we started at 9:45am.

routine 3

We then head to the couch for our morning basket reading.  This morning we read from our Bible Stories book, Stories from Around the World, and Mother Goose.

routine 4

After our morning reading, we head to the dining room for our ‘table work’.  We do phonics every day (All About Reading Level 1), and alternate math (Singapore Essentials KB) and handwriting (HWT PK).

 routine 5

routine 6

routine 8

She insists on crossing out the incorrect answers.

My mom is in town for a short time, so she worked with Ian this morning on his numbers in a coloring workbook.  Usually Ian just joins in with whatever Libby is working on.

routine 7

He doesn’t really use the calculator, he actually thinks it’s his cell phone 🙂

After our table work we take a quick break.  Sometimes we get a snack.  By this time it’s usually around 11am.  We meet back up at the couch to do our literature unit.  Today we are reading Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? and learning about polar bears.  We read another nonfiction book about polar bears, as well.  We also watched a movie on BrainPOP Jr. about the arctic habitat.

routine 9

After learning about polar bears, we did an art project where we recreated the cover of the book using different painting techniques to recreate the illustrations.

routine 10

routine 11

routine 12

At this point, it’s generally around noon, and we’re done with our formal learning time.  We usually go play outside, and then have lunch.  Today, I had some errands to run, so we went to town and grabbed lunch out.

1pm-3pm is Quiet Time.  This is my time for peace, and it’s mandatory!  Ian still naps, but Libby is required to stay in her room doing quiet activities.  When quiet time is over, the kids clean up their room and do their chores.  Libby cleans the bathroom, and Ian dusts.  Once their chores are done, they are free to do as they wish.  If they have had a good day, and finished all their chores they may purchase up to a half hour of “iPad Time” with pennies earned from their chores.   Today Libby decided to play on the iPad while Ian played fisherman and then rode his bike.

routine 13

routine 14

We generally have dinner around 5:30pm, and then get ready for bed.  We read a chapter a night of our bedtime book, and lights are out at 7pm for the kids, and then Alex and I have some time to relax and get ready for the next day.  Tonight Alex and I went out for a late Sushi dinner, which was great, thanks to my mom being in town.

I love looking at everyone’s day!  To link up, visit ihomeschool network!

Warmly, Megan


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