PreK Week 3 Review

Week 3 Review!

We had another fun week!



We read the story of Abraham’s sacrifice.  Genesis 15:1-6; 21; 22

Exploring the Human Body: Skeleton

We read a few books about our bones, and completed a sticker page out of the Usborne Human Body Sticker Book.  We’ve studied bones before, and it’s always fun to return to things and see how much the kids have remembered!  Libby now knows most of the major bones, and their functions (skull, ribs, spine, pelvis, ect).



We completed two pages of Singapore K Math.  We continued building on the concept of ‘one less’.


This was a big week for Libby with our All About Reading program!  She is doing SO well!  She read her first reader from the program, a short story called ‘Jam’!  It was about a yak and his friend Pam, who ate jam and ham.  She thought it was hilarious and so enjoyed being able to read it!  I am so glad we get to be here for these amazing moments.


We finished up our letters in the PreK workbook this week – V, X, Y and Z.  We’ll continue on to numbers next.


Libby writes the days of the week each morning on our calendar board, as well.  She insists on doing this, and is getting better with each attempt!


Learning through Literature: A Chair for my Mother

This week we read Vera B. William’s A Chair for my Mother.  A young girls’ home burns down, ruining all her family’s things.  Her mama works hard at the diner, and with her tips they are able to save up their money in a jar.  Once the jar is full, they are able to go pick out a beautiful chair.  Something Special for Me and A Chair For Always are two other books in the series written about Rosa and her family, and also speak of the importance of saving money and refer back to their chair in which they will treasure forever.


For this unit I pulled our “big, fat armchair” out of our storage area and put it back into the living room (we have not used it since moving into our current, smaller home).  When Libby came down in the morning she was thrilled to find this surprise, and guessed right away that we may be reading about chairs!


Along with the books above, we also read a few renditions of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Rosa and her mother must try out many different chairs before they find the right one – just like Goldilocks.  And we also read about money, and the importance of saving.


Because Rosa’s mother worked at the ‘Blue Tile Diner’, we visited the historic Chicken Pie Shop Diner in Fresno.  It has been in operation by the same owners since 1956!  Stepping into this diner is like a step back in time – the decor has stayed the same since the 50’s.  We had a great breakfast, and so much fun swiveling in the chairs at the lunch counter.




Each of the kids designed their own chairs – which ended up looking very similar.  Libby decided to color hers yellow, and Ian had to follow.  Then Ian added polka-dots, and Libby had to follow suit.  They really are two peas in a pod.



We have a system in place at our house where doing your chores and good behavior earns you pennies for your jar.  ‘Goods’ can then be purchased on Fridays using the pennies collected throughout the week.  This tied in so well with this book!  Here is Ian counting out 20 pennies to buy a new matchbox car.  Libby bought a new twisty straw and some candy for 15 cents.



We also went over fire safety this week.  We read about fire fighters and I also purchased this adorable book, No Dragons for Tea: Fire Safety for Kids.


We created a family fire emergency plan where we reviewed all the safe exit routes out of our home, and also decided upon a meeting place in case we get separated in a fire.  We practiced “stop, drop and roll” and crawling below the smoke.

I intended on heading to a furniture store to try out the chairs and decide on a favorite, but alas, plans sometimes don’t go as planned!  Our car decided to quit on us and needed to be towed away, and we never got to the furniture store.  But, we had a fantastic week together!

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