PreK Week 5 Review

We had lots of silly fun this week!  Daddy was out of town most of the week, so the kids and I did our best to ‘entertain’ ourselves!



We read Genesis 37 where Joseph is sold into slavery by his own brothers.  We discussed jealousy and all the feelings that come with it.

Exploring the Human Body: Skeleton

We finished up our skeleton unit with an experiment.  I had saved a chicken bone, and washed it well.  Both kids took turns seeing if they could break or bend the bone, but of course they could not.  We then soaked the bone in vinegar, which removed the calcium from the bone.  The next day Ian and Libby were able to break the bone in half!  We were able to see the spongy marrow inside and learned that that is where our blood cells are made.

20130922-201254.jpg   20130922-201317.jpg

Libby also did this activity showing that the ribs protect our heart and lungs.



Continuing our work of greater and lesser, this week Libby had to figure out ‘how many more’ one group of items had than another.  For instance, there are 5 red cubes and 3 blue cubes.  Therefore, there are ________ more red than blue.


Libby read a funny story called ‘The Bad Rat’ in her reader, and short ‘o’ sound was introduced.


We continued working through numbers this week.

Learning through Literature: Circus Books

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The circus came to town last week so we decided to go!  L and I had never been before.  They absolutely loved it!  We had cotton candy and enjoyed the show.  It was not a huge circus, just big enough for two little ones.

20130922-200441.jpg   20130922-200501.jpg


We did several circus related activities and games this week.





We learned about center of gravity – and how tight rope walkers use this for balance.  We played with our playmobil circus toy that balances on the wire using two equal weights on each side.

20130922-200703.jpgTo review our reading words this week, we made ‘CVC’ popcorn!  Each crumpled sheet had a word on it.  Each of the kids took turns choosing a piece of ‘popcorn’ and sounding out the word.  Libby got all hers correct.  Ian is so funny.  His sounding-out goes like this: for the word cat – “c”  “a”  “t”  -Sam.  Every word is Sam 🙂


20130922-200740.jpgClown pancakes:


On Friday morning we went to the open gym and brushed up on our acrobat skills.

20130922-200837.jpg   20130922-200902.jpg


Because Daddy couldn’t be here for the circus, we decided to have our own circus at our house.  We had games, clowns, tigers jumping through rings of fire, and corndogs!

20130922-201006.jpg   20130922-201025.jpg

20130922-201057.jpg   20130922-201126.jpg

20130922-201112.jpg   20130922-201147.jpg


We finished off the week with popcorn and a movie.


We also spent tons of time outside enjoying the beautiful cooler weather this week!  Libby and Ian played at the park with friends everyday this week.  Here are the neighborhood kids digging up bugs!  Yes, Libby is digging up bugs in a tutu! 🙂


We also had our first week of art class at the Kings Art Center.  It was apple week, and the kids really enjoyed making their crafts, the stories read, and meeting new friends.

20130922-201358.jpg   20130922-201417.jpg   20130922-201430.jpg

We had a fun-filled week!

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