PreK Week 6 Review {FIAR} The Tale of Peter Rabbit

This week we learned about muscles and hopped around while reading Beatrix Potter’s classic story, The Tale of Peter Rabbit.



We read the story of Moses and the burning bush in our Bible Stories book.  We also used the Christian Character and Bible Study Supplement with our Peter Rabbit unit study.  I read Ephesians 6:1 to Libby and Ian, and we talked about obedience to our parents and to God.  Why do we have to obey?  Parents and God have rules and boundaries to protect us!  Peter Rabbit disobeyed his mother and almost got put into a pie by Mr. McGregor!

Exploring the Human Body: Muscles

We began learning about muscles this week by watching the BrainPOP Jr. short movie about muscles.  We did a sticker page putting the different muscles onto the body.  I then gave them each a rubber band and we talked about how muscles contract and relax just like the rubber band.  They each felt their biceps change as they flexed their arm.  We also paid special attention all week of the movements our muscles allow us to do!


We did two lessons in Singapore Kindergarten B.  We are learning ‘how many more’ and ‘how many less’.


Libby officially finished the HWT PreK workbook!  Libby had to take a ‘test’ reviewing the skills she learned through the book, and writing her name.  She did fantastic!  The kindergarten book is on its way.

Learning through Literature: {FIAR} The Tale of Peter Rabbit

I had intentionally veered away from Five in a Row because I love it SO much that I wanted to save it for Libby’s official kindergarten year.  However, when our local homeschool co-op organized a trip to the local organic farm, I couldn’t resist rowing Peter Rabbit!  Unfortunately, the event ended up getting cancelled, but thanks to our great babysitter who is a member of the farm’s CSA, we were still able to take a tour of the farm and see the veggies in the ground!

We read several books about gardening this week, and also read through the Beatrix Potter Treasury of Tales at bedtimes.




Some things we did this week:

Beatrix Potter was a naturalist who used watercolors to illustrate her stories.  While I read the story on the second night, Libby and Ian made Peter Rabbit inspired pictures with crayon, then used watercolors to illustrate them as Beatrix did.


I cut out these pieces and they glued down the paper to form their pictures:


A list of vegetables mentioned in the book:

20130929-181307.jpg   20130929-181317.jpg   20130929-181337.jpg

20130929-181328.jpg   20130929-181349.jpg


For science we did an experiement showing how plants use their stems to ‘drink’ water and nutrients.  We added celery to a jar with blue -colored water in the bottom.  The next day, our celery leaves had turned blue spotted!

20130929-181435.jpg   20130929-181425.jpg

We also put carrot tops in water and set them near the window.  Hoping we can grow some carrot tops in the next few weeks!


On Thursday night we visited the farmer’s market and purchased many fresh veggies, fruit and honey!  These veggies were grown at the farm we visited (!  On Saturday morning we were able to visit the farm, and on Sunday we made chicken and dumplings with our veggies.  We loved Peter Rabbit and we love Five in a Row!  So blessed to have found this wonderful learning resource.


20130929-181508.jpg   20130929-181453.jpg   20130929-181459.jpg

20130929-181527.jpg   20130929-181519.jpg   20130929-181514.jpg


   20130929-181602.jpg   20130929-181543.jpg

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