PreK Week 7 Review {FIAR} The Story About Ping

We just love our unit studies, and it’s just getting sweeter as Ian is able to better understand and enjoy our learning time!  We had a great week reading The Story About Ping and learning about China, ducks, and the Chinese Autumn Moon Festival.



We read the story of Moses leading this Israelites out of Egypt in our Story-time Bible.

Exploring the Human Body: Muscles

We continued to learn about muscles this week, we read a few books, and also did a page of muscle stickers putting them in the correct anatomical position. 


We only got to one math lesson this week, and it was continued practice of the concept we have been working on.  How much greater/lesser is one group of objects than another.


Libby’s K workbook arrived in the mail this week, and she was so excited to open the package!  It was like Christmas morning!  She couldn’t wait to get started.  She worked on the letter ‘F’ this week.


Libby finished lesson 10 in All About Reading Level 1 this week.  She is working on CVC words with short ‘a’, ‘i’, and ‘o’ sounds.  She also knows sight words:  I, a, the, is, it, of and see.  Here’s a page of one of the stories she read this week.


Learning through Literature: {FIAR} The Story About Ping

My children loved this book!  This may be their favorite book we’ve rowed yet.  Both Libby and Ian really got into our study, recognizing similarities to the story in our everyday life.  Ian especially surprised me this week by how much he retrained from the book.  He sat so intently while being read, and laughed out loud with such enthusiasm at Ping’s misadventures.  When a cartoon came on the television set in China, Ian called out, “Look Mama, China!”.


We explored China’s geography and culture this week.  We looked at the different regions of China in our Children’s World Atlas, and found the Yangtze River.  The Yangtze River is the third longest in the world, and it is a longer distance than from our house to our grandparent’s houses in Michigan!  That’s a long river!  We listed to Chinese language spoken and also looked at Chinese writing.  The Usborne Beginners book about China was a fantastic read at their level.  They retained so much from it.

We read Chinese folklore Tiki Tiki Tembo and the kids enjoyed trying to say the long name!


Our FIAR art lesson this week was using colored pencils to recreate several of the techniques used in the illustrations.  Libby mixed the colors to form an evening sky, used colors to show reflection of the sun into the water, and also showed motion of the duck by putting squiggly lines around him.

20131005-195335.jpg   20131005-195717.jpg

Ian began drawing people with bodies this week 🙂  He has been drawing smiling faces for a while, but decided to add a bit of a body.


On Wednesday night we went out to a Chinese restaurant for dinner.

20131005-195404.jpg   20131005-195419.jpg

  While reading our chapter books for the week (Little Pear and Little Pear and His Friends) we learned the children in China believe flying kites brings good luck.  It just so happened that Thursday morning was unusually blustery, so we knew it was the perfect day to fly our own kites.  We had two very small kites that were not made well, and did not fly well.  The kids still had a great time, but we decided we will have to purchase better kites soon!

20131005-195453.jpg   20131005-195502.jpg

After flying kites we went to the park to see the ducks.

20131005-195512.jpg   20131005-195531.jpg   20131005-195558.jpg

We had a duck lunch that day!


And we also had afternoon ‘tea’ (hot chocolate) with rice cakes.  I read Why Ducks Don’t Get Wet while they snacked.  After, we did the experiment suggested in the book.  Ducks produce a special type of oil that keeps their feathers dry.  We took two paper bags, and covered one with oil.  Then we put drops of water on each of them.  The bag with oil on it beaded away the water, while the bag with no oil became wet and soggy.

20131005-195730.jpg   20131005-195747.jpg

Ping had a very large family!  We counted out each of the family members.


And we also used our tangrams.

20131005-195658.jpg   20131005-195708.jpg

On Friday we switched gears a little bit.  We talked about the important holidays and festivals in China, one of which is the Moon Festival.


We read a few books about the festival, as well as about the moon.  We decorated for the festival by making Chinese paper lanterns, and eating special Chinese candy.

20131005-195757.jpg   20131005-195806.jpg


Finally, on Saturday a local town was hosting a Moon Festival put on the the China Alley Historic District of Hanford.  We were able to walk through Historic China Alley and observe the architecture, music, food, and a beautiful tea room.  We watched a Chinese drum performance.

20131005-195912.jpg   20131005-195936.jpg

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