PreK Week 10 Review


We had our definite ups and downs this week as we all dealt with some attitudes this week, but we still managed to have a pretty productive and fun week.

Exploring the Human Body: Eyes

We learned the parts of our eye, and how the eye works.  We watched a short movie about eyes on BranPOP and read several books.


We are focusing on numbers 10-20, learning to write them and recognize them.  We used Uniflex cubes to make a set of ten, and then add ones to make different numbers.  I would write the number on the board, and Libby had to make it with the cubes.  It’s hard to see here but number 16 is on the board, so she had 1 set of ten and 6 ones.  I put the numbers 10-20 on sticky notes and had Libby and Ian take turns putting them in the correct order.

20131026-205202.jpg   20131026-205302.jpg


We reviewed capital letters F, E, D, P, and B.  Then we began capital N.

20131026-205214.jpg   20131026-205225.jpg



We practiced the ‘x’ and ‘qu’ sounds, and then added the ‘th’ sound.  We played this egg game where we flipped the eggs and read the words on the back.  Words included:  this, then, bath, math, moth, ect.


Learning through Literature: Houses and Homes Unit

This week we learned all about homes around the world, about urban versus rural life, and also about animal homes.  We also learned about the history of transportation through the illustrations in The Little House.  Books we read for this study include:

         Product Details    Product DetailsProduct Details

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details   Product DetailsProduct Details

We also began a new chapter book read-aloud: Little House in the Big Woods.  This was one of my very favorites as a child, and I am so excited to be reading it to my children!  So far, Libby loves it!  She really enjoys hearing about the little girls her age.

Product Details

After reading The Little House and Town Mouse, Country Mouse we made a list of the pros and cons of city and country living.  Libby decided she’d rather live in the city, and Ian would rather live in the country.  We learned the words urban and rural.


We became architects and designed our own homes out of blocks.


We watched Magic School Bus Hops Home and learned about animal habitats, and then we painted birth houses.  While they painted, I read the book A House for Birdie, which is a MathStart book about making size comparisons.

20131026-205333.jpg   20131026-205347.jpg

20131026-205401.jpg   20131026-205425.jpg

We know all about country life here in our neck of the woods, so we decided to learn a bit more about cities.  We read Into The Sky by Ryan Ann Hunter about the history of skyscrapers.  We then made our own using a cereal box and tin foil.

20131026-205700.jpg   Product Details

And then we head out to visit the closest larger city and look at some of the buildings and architecture.  The kids really got a kick out of putting money in the parking meter, and we had fun stopping by a coffee shop for a treat.

20131026-205529.jpg   20131026-205544.jpg   20131026-205557.jpg

Finally, on our last day we made our own igloo treats made of cereal treats and marshmallows.  Trust me, we really didn’t eat that much of it, so much sugar!  But they were fun to make.  We molded our cereal treat into bowls, and when hardened we put frosting on them and then stacked the marshmallows like the ice bricks.  Libby and Ian’s neighbor friends were over to play and wanted to help!  They had a great time.


20131026-205617.jpg   20131026-205629.jpg


All in all, it was a fun week.  Looking forward to revisiting Pumpkin Jack next week as we prepare for Halloween!

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