PreK Weeks 12/13/14 Review

We have had a VERY busy and eventful three weeks!  Nana was visiting from Michigan and we were able to travel a bit, then we got our orders to move which had us very busy arranging packing and moving.  And last week we all were sick with croupy colds, and Alex has been busy checking out of his squadron.

Because we are getting ready to head out, we’re schooling half-time right now.  We’re still keeping up with our table work (phonics, math and handwriting) but cutting back on other activities, and just trying to do what we can.  I am pretty busy packing and organizing!  We lightly rowed How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World, which was a review for us because we rowed it last year.  The kids love this story, though, and we plan to review it every year because it’s so fun and also educational!  Libby worked on naming the continents and was able to do so by the time we were done with the book.

We also talked about forms of matter (liquid, solid and gas) and observed each with water.  We took ice cubes out of the freezer so they melted (solid to liquid).  Then we put salt in the water because we wanted to explore how the girl in our story got salt from sea water.  We heat up the liquid to boiling and the water turned to steam – evaporated – and the salt was left behind!  We made apple prints and explored fractions as well!


While Nana was here, we visited Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo.  We were able to visit several vineyards, and also a goat farm where we visited with several goats and a pig (who Libby was sure was Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web).  We then continued on to an apple orchard where we tasted several varieties of apples (I think the best I’ve ever had!) and enjoyed some yummy apple cider while walking around the orchard setting.  We were able to make apple crisp from our apples and it was delicious!

A few days later we head to San Francisco to visit our cousin Gretchen.  We had a great time in the city, and we were able to take the public transportation we don’t get to use out here in the country.  We talked about when we read The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton  and the differences between rural and urban areas as we rode the train into the city.  We then hopped on the cable car and viewed San Francisco’s beautiful landscape.  We enjoyed the city and had a great time visiting Gretchen.  Wish we could have spent more time in San Francisco while we lived here in CA – it is definitely my favorite city here!  I wish I had more pictures of our trips – I got a new phone and all my photos were lost!

We have arranged our move for the first week of December and are busily preparing for the movers to come, and for our cross country road trip.  Overall  we are very excited!  Daddy had his last flight with VFA-2 on Monday.  We are truly grateful for our time here in Lemoore with this wonderful group of people!  The last three years have been such a learning experience and great adventure for us.


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