PreK Week 15 Review {FIAR} Cranberry Thanksgiving


We spent this Thanksgiving week learning about the origins of the holiday, and reading one of our favorite classic stories, Cranberry Thanksgiving.  We rowed this book last Thanksgiving, as well, and it’s becoming a fun tradition!


We are continuing to work on basic addition problems; Libby is whizzing through this!


We are reviewing capital letters M, N, W, X, Y, and Z.


Libby has finished her first book of stories, and is very proud!  We are working on words with consonant blends including  ‘sh’, ‘ch’, and ‘th’.  We finished our read aloud Stuart Little and watched the movie on movie night!  Libby did great noticing the differences between the book and the movie – the stories were quite different, I was surprised as to how different the movie was from the book.


Learning through Literature: {FIAR} Cranberry Thanksgiving

Social Studies:  We discussed 4 different behaviors that were displayed our story – generosity, hospitality, stealing and forgiveness.

We read stories about the first thanksgiving and mapped the travel of the Mayflower on our large wall map.  We made a list of all the things we are thankful for.  Libby and Ian’s list included:

-Bunny and Cubby




-Mom and Dad

-Nana and Grandma

-Papa and Grandpa


We also read the classic book Molly’s Pilgrim by Barbara Cohen.  Immigrant Molly leads her third-grade class to discover that it takes all kinds of pilgrims to make a Thanksgiving.

 photo 1386016056207_zps9ba78225.jpg


Bible:  Passing Judgment

I put together an activity to show that it is not the outward appearance of a person or item that is important, it is what is inside that is truly important.  I wrapped two gifts – one in a big box with beautiful wrapping paper, and the other a tiny gift in plain white paper.  I gave Libby the choice of which gift she would like, and she of course picked the large, beautiful box.  When she opened the box, she realized there was nothing inside!  Ian, on the other hand, opened the smaller and plainer package to find a treat!

We then read 1 Samuel 16:7 “But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”


 photo 1386016836098_zpsfe4c7d13.jpg

And of course, we made Grandma’s famous cranberry bread!  It was delicious!  We also learned about cranberry bogs, and imagined we had our own cranberry bogs.  We explored the cranberries, and found that they floated and bounced – because there are air pockets on the inside.

 photo 1386016244351_zpsce689a77.jpg

Science: Chemical Reactions

While we made our cranberry bread batter, we talked about how it is much flatter in the pan before it is baked, and how the bread rises after it is baked.  Baking soda was our special ingredient to make the bread rise.  But how does it work?  It causes a chemical reaction by combining with an acid which makes  gas bubbles and causes the bread to rise.

We formed an experiment with four different liquids: milk, orange juice, vinegar and water.  We wanted to know which liquids had acid in them.  Libby and Ian took turns adding baking soda to each liquid and watching the chemical reaction (or not) that took place.  They squealed with joy when they added the baking soda to the vinegar and it began to bubble immediately.  We were able to determine that the vinegar had the most acid, followed by the orange juice which had a mild reaction.  The milk and water were not acidic.

 photo 1386019254755_zps9959a66c.jpg

We ended our week with a visit to see Santa at the mall (and let him know that we will be in Michigan this year for Christmas – don’t want those presents getting lost!) and a trip to the zoo to see the Christmas lights!  We had a great time and are enjoying the holiday season even though we are unable to decorate our own home this year due to our upcoming move.

 photo 1386016450689_zpsc93ecb25.jpg

Today we are beginning to pack our car for our trip and preparing the house for the move.  We will not be doing unit studies while we are traveling – just enjoying family and the holiday season.  I am packing our math, handwriting and phonics books because they are quick and simple to take along, and I think it’s important to continue to be consistent.  We’ll also be mapping our travels and reading a bit about each state as we pass through.

 The movers will come tomorrow to pack our things, and will load the truck on Wednesday.  Thursday morning we will be off!  We are looking forward to the adventure and to seeing our family and friends back East.

One thought on “PreK Week 15 Review {FIAR} Cranberry Thanksgiving

  1. This looked like such a fun week and I think I could have learned lots had I been there with you! Can’t wait for you all to get here to Michigan so we can share our Holidays and have some family fun!

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