PreK Week 16 Review

We have slowly been working toward getting back to a regular routine, but still definitely going part time these days.  It is cold and snowy here, and sometimes we just want to snuggle up and watch movies.  We’re adjusting!


We are continuing beginning addition and learning vertical and horizontal addition problems adding up to 10.


This week we worked through letters O and Q.


Libby is learning to blend beginning sounds, she is reading words such as theft, grip, plot, and scruff.   Ian reviewed his letter sounds.



Learning through Literature: The Mitten


We read two variations of the folktale, The Mitten.  We talked lots about winter weather, and where the animals go and the adaptations they make to stay warm in the cold weather.

We used our toys to recreate  our own version of the story for ourselves.




We made hot chocolate because it was so cold outside.  We used the recipe on the back of the book.  It was so good!


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