PreK Week 17 Review


Libby continues basic addition practice.



We worked on letter S which is a bit tricky!


We practiced words for fluency on the whiteboard this week.  I wrote them on there and as she read them she erased them.  She did really well with this and her confidence is reading has really improved.  I’m very proud of her.


Learning through Literature:  Fritz and the Beautiful Horses

We read Fritz and the Beautiful Horses by Jan Brett this week, and used the unit study from

Libby asked specifically to learn about horses this week, so that’s just what we did.  We went to the library and checked out several books about horses which she really enjoyed.

‘H’ is for Horse craft


Ian’s Horse


We discussed what it meant to be beautiful, and although Fritz was not beautiful on the outside – he was on the inside and that is what matters.   The story took place in a walled city in Europe, so we reviewed where Europe is.   Ian and Libby also used their blocks to build a walled city.  We talked about why people may have lived in walled cities.



In the story, it was the law that only the beautiful horses were able to come into the walled city.  We took some time to talk about what a law is, and then watched a Schoolhouse Rock video of how a bill becomes a law.

Finally, they put together a horse puzzle that we checked out from the library.


We are still settling in, and taking it easy, but we are slowly getting back into the grove!

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