PreK Weeks 30/31

We’ve been busily keeping up with our reading, writing and math the past few weeks, and enjoying lots of good books and lots of time outdoors!


Elizabeth flew through the sequencing section where she labeled things first, second, third, fourth and fifth.  She did then entire section in two days!  Then we moved on to an introduction to telling time.  We used our foam clocks to demonstrate different times on the hour (one o’clock, two o’clock, ect.).


Libby reviewed letters A, D, and C (both uppercase and lower) in her Zaner-Bloser workbook.


We have completed All About Reading Level 1!  Libby is SO proud, and so are we!  Here she is with her certificate.


We started All About Reading level 2 and have completed 2 lessons this week (mostly review).


We read chapters 6-9 from A Child’s History of the World and learned more about Ancient Egypt.  Hieroglyphics, Pyramids, Mummies, and the Exodus of the Jews were the topics we read about.  We added some fun books from the library, as well, during read-aloud time.



We are 3/4 the way through the classic book Twig, which is a sweet story about a little girl and her imaginative world of fairies and animals right in her back yard.

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Much of the rest of our time this week was spent outside playing at the local parks and with neighborhood friends!  Libby and Ian had the chance to play on a tire swing for the first time, and what a hit it was!



And that’s it!  We’re really enjoying the gorgeous weather!

One thought on “PreK Weeks 30/31

  1. Congratulations to Libby on completing her reading level! I am so excited to see your certificate next time I visit! Good Job!! Oh, and I love the plane at the park, and I bet they did too!

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