PreK Weeks 32/33 – Pirates!

Arrrggghhh Matey we’ve spent the last two weeks learning about pirates!  We’ve had an adventure-filled few weeks 🙂


Elizabeth counted through 100 and wrote out all her numbers this week!  We used cubes to make groups of ten and count by tens. Ian also counted up to 25.  We will be starting on simple fractions next week.



Libby reviewed the letter F and also filled in letters of the alphabet in her Zaner-Bloser book.  Ian’s pretty excited about these I’s he made all on his own.



We’re on lesson 4 of All About Reading Level 2.  I know I keep saying it, but I am so delighted by Libby’s progress with reading.  Thinks are just really clicking in this area and she is reading with much greater speed and accuracy.  She learned the rules for when y says the long i sound.


Here’s a few pages of the reader she read from this week:


History and Literature

We’re continuing to read through A Child’s History of the World at bedtime and covered chapters 10-17 over the last two weeks.  Topics we read and talked about included the Trojan War, Greece and the first Olympic games and the birth of Rome.  Elizabeth continues to look forward to this and Alex and I find it interesting, too.  It’s been great introduction to history.

We finished Twig and I let Ian and Libby choose their next chapter book to read aloud.  They picked Magic School Bus and the Giant Germ.  Not exactly classic lit but an informative read none the less 🙂

The Giant Germ

Learning through Literature: Pirate Books!

Our local library was hosting a pirate-themed story time last week, so we picked out several more pirate books.  Most of our time was just spent snuggling and reading – there are so many cute children’s books about pirates!  We also watched the movies Reading Rainbow Sunken Treasure and the Muppet’s Treasure Island.


Pirate-Themed Story Hour – Singing a Song about Sweeping the Deck


A Pirate Craft – A Telescope


I had purchased some pirate party supplies on clearance at Target many months ago thinking that at some point they would be fun.  Ian especially took being a pirate very seriously and was in character all day!



We wrapped up pirate week with a special trip up to Annapolis where we had a special pirate expedition on a real pirate ship in the Chesapeake Bay  – where we learned that real pirates had sailed many years ago.

For anyone in the Annapolis Area, we highly recommend Pirate Adventures on the Chesapeake!  From start to end it was a wonderful family experience.  Each child gets their face painted and gets dressed up like a real pirate.  The kids are then taken into the story looking for map, finding treasure, and even firing (water) cannons at the enemy.  The trip ended with some tasty grog.  I was so impressed by the staff and the way they were so interactive with the kids, learning their names and pulling them into the fun.  We were sailing for an hour and the kids were engaged the entire time!



We also had time to check out the harbor in Annapolis and the Naval Academy.



The weather continues to be beautiful and we had quite a few park days over the last few weeks.  Also, our plants are starting to sprout!  L and I have been very good about keeping them watered and in the sun.


Park Days



We also attended a children’s program at the Calvert Marine Museum where we made our own kites and then went on a spring scavenger hunt through the marsh.  It was a hot and muggy morning but it was a fun time.


And we wrapped up the week with some Popsicle treats.


Looking forward to learning about farms next week and taking a field trip to a local kids farming event!

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