PreK Weeks 34/35 – Down on the Farm

We spent the last few weeks learning about the farm through great books and local events, as well as continuing to finish up our daily studies for the year.




A day in the life!


Elizabeth worked through ordinal numbers, which was very easy as this was review.  We finished the entire section in a few days.


Elizabeth worked on the letters J and Q this week.



We completed lessons 5-7 and learned how to separate larger words in to syllables and labeled them ‘open’ or ‘closed’.  This way, we know whether to use the long or short sound of a vowel.  Elizabeth has been reading more for pleasure, and even volunteered to read Ian’s bedtime story one evening: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.



Learning through Literature: Farms


We read many books about farms this week, and also watched several videos from the library about crops, tractors and dairy farms.  We conversationally rowed Ask Mr. Bear along with this unit, as it talks about many farm animals and their products.

A local park has an annual ‘Kids Day on the Farm’ event that was tons of fun (and free!).  We were able to meet farm animals, see a tractor parade, sing with Old MacDonald, go on a hayride, ‘pick’ fresh vegetables and collect fresh eggs!  We also went to the farm one day and picked up some fresh eggs and strawberries and made homemade strawberry shortcake.  Delicious!




Other fun things we’ve been up to:

My parents were able to make it into town for a quick visit and we decided to check out Calvert Marine Museum.  We met several animals, toured a lighthouse and took a boat ride around the bay!




Nature walks at Gilbert Run Park.


And of course we celebrated Father’s Day!  We played a round of putt-putt, walked on the pier, and went to dinner to celebrate.


And one more picture just to keep it real – how Ian entertains himself during school time 😉


We’re now finishing up our last week of PreK and will be heading straight into Kindergarten and Preschool next week!  With the baby on the way, we want to get a head start 🙂

One thought on “PreK Weeks 34/35 – Down on the Farm

  1. You guys always do such fun things and turn them into educational experiences! I sure wish someone would have taught me like this when I was young!

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