Kindergarten Week 1 {FIAR} The Finest Horse in Town and 4th of July

Elizabeth started Kindergarten and Ian began his Preschool year this week!  We’re going to work through the summer and then take some time off when the baby comes.  We are simply continuing the curricula we began last year for Elizabeth’s PreK year as we all enjoy it.




Elizabeth – We began Singapore Primary Mathematics 1A, and completed the first unit.  It was review for Libby – counting to 10 and greater than/less than concepts.

Ian – Ian began Singapore Essentials Kindergarten A and is working on “same vs. different”.


Elizabeth – Libby completed the ‘R’ and ‘P’ pages in her Zaner-Bloser Handwriting workbook, as well as completing two different copywork pages that pertained to our FIAR unit this week.


Elizabeth continued to work on silent E words this week in All About Reading Level 2.


Ian began All About Reading Pre-Level.  Everyone was so happy to see Ziggy the Zebra!  He completed activity pages for letters A, B and C and is working on rhyming words.

Learning through Literature:  The Finest Horse in Town

Our Five in a Row unit this week was The Finest Horse in Town because it includes a Fourth of July celebration.  We were preparing to head back to MI to visit family and spend some time at the lake for the 4th.  We used this as a spring board to review why we celebrate this important holiday and what it means to be a ‘free nation’.

Social Studies

The story takes place in the state of Maine, so Libby placed the story disk on Maine.


We read several books this week about our nation, including The 4th of July Story and Red, White and Blue.


We made an American Flag Craft:


We also watched Fourth of July Schoolhouse Rock and US Symbols on BrainPOP Jr.   We practiced the Pledge of Allegiance and listened to the Star Spangled Banner.

And a special red, white and blue treat!



We learned about horses this week, of course!

We read several books about horses.  The Usborne Beginners are some of our favorite books, they seem to give tons of information just at the right maturity level.


Elizabeth presenting to Dad what she learned about a horse life-cycle:


At the end of the week, we visited the National Zoo because Daddy had time off from work.  We had a great time taking the Metro into the city and we even got to see some horses, among other animals, at the zoo.  We ended the day with a visit with good friends that we hadn’t been able to see in 3 years.  Got to love the friends you make in this military life!





Notebooking pages:





We were able to go to MI and spend the holiday at the lake.  We had a great time visiting with family and playing on the water!  The fireworks were beautiful and the memories made were perfect!  So glad to have made it there, even if it was for a short time.  The kids loved the lake and I know we’ll be spending more time there next summer.




One thought on “Kindergarten Week 1 {FIAR} The Finest Horse in Town and 4th of July

  1. Once again thank you for sharing all the fun things that you do to make Libby and Ian’s education so much fun! It was great having you all home and it seems so quiet here tonight! I am thrilled that they loved the lake and look forward to making so many more memories there with them in the years to come! xoxox Nana

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