Kindergarten Week 2 {FIAR} Andy and the Lion

We enjoyed learning about lions, the library, and the circus this week with Andy and the Lion as our Five in a Row selection.


Elizabeth began working on number bonds this week for 1-10 in Singapore 1A.  Some days she did really well with this, other days, she would forget.  We’re going to continue working on these before moving on.  Ian continued to work on same vs. different without any trouble.


Elizabeth worked on copywork for Andy and the Lion and continues to work through the alphabet in her Zaner Bloser K book. Ian is completing the color pages in Handwriting Without Tears PreK book.




Elizabeth read a short story from her All About Reading Level 2 Reader: “Matt the Musk Ox” and completed lesson 16.  Ian completed letters D, E and F and continues practicing rhyming words in All About Reading Pre-Level.

Learning Through Literature: {FIAR} Andy and the Lion


A young boy becomes fascinated with lions after checking a lion book out from the Library.  This leads him to a curious friendship with a lion after Andy helps him get a throrn out of the lion’s paw.

Social Studies:

Libby found New York and placed our story disk there because the lion statues in the front of the book depicted the New York Public Libary lions.

We talked about the library and what kinds of books can be found there.  Then we watched a video on BrainPOP Jr. and learned about how the library is organized, and how to find a book.

Language Arts:

We read the fable The Mouse and the Lion and related it to our story, and also talked about personification of the sun in one of the illustrations.


We learned all about lions.  On our map, we located Africa and learned that lions live on the Savanna in Africa.  We watched the BrainPOP video on Savanna habitats, and Elizabeth narrated her animal report about lions to me, and also illustrated it for her notebook.





We learned about sculptures, first by watching BrainPOP Jr. Sculptures, then by visiting a local sculpture garden, AnnMarie Gardens.  Libby and Ian also made salt dough sculptures this week, and painted them.



Fun Extras:

We also had Lion’s Paws for breakfast one morning – which we just used biscuit dough baked with a bit of cinnamon and sugar, along with raisins.  Delicious and fun!



And finally, because Andy visited the circus, we had to watch a circus online.  The kids still remembered the circus from when we visited last year, and loved watching the acts.  While I made lunch one day I challanged them to come up with their own circus routines along with costumes from the dress up box.  They came up with awesome acts and I loved watching their creativity come alive.  They LOVE activities like this!


In other news, our plants that we planed with our Peter Rabbit row are still alive!  And even more – producing veggies!  It is so much seeing the kids delight in the plant growth, hoping to have a full garden next year.  But for now, our container garden works!


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