Kindergarten Week 4 {FIAR} Ferdinand

We learned about bull fighting and Spain this week with the classic story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf.


I began to realize in the last few weeks that Singapore 1A is quite different than the K books that we enjoyed over the last two years.  It was moving very quickly and was depending largly on mental concepts that I don’t feel Elizabeth has fully grasped.  So – I decided put Singapore away for the time being and we are going to start RightStart Math with both kids.  We are starting with level A, and most of it looks like review for Elizabeth – but that was exactly what I was hoping for.  It is very important to me that both kids have strong mathmatical bases as they move forward.  RightStart is more kinesthetic in it’s learning style, and very play-based.  So far we have used blocks, tally sticks, card games, and an abicus to learn about numbers.  Both kids are absolutly adoring it and beg for more each day.  We haven’t had a single worksheet yet!  We will return to Singapore 1A at some point when I feel Libby is ready.

This week we did RightStart A Lessons 1-3.


Elizabeth worked through letters X, K and Z in her Zaner-Bloser workbook this week.


We are plugging along with All About Reading Level 2.  Libby completed lessons 18 and 19 this week which reviewed ‘wh’ phonogram, and also blended with silent ‘e’.

This week we also incorperated All About Spelling Level 1, and Libby completed the first lesson which was reviewing all of the basic letter sounds.

Learning Through Literature: {FIAR} Ferdinand

We took a trip to Spain this week with Ferdinand the bull!  The kids loved this classic story and we learned so much along the way 🙂


Social Studies / Geography:

-We placed our story disk on Spain

-We watched Spain DVD that we checked out from the library (see above)

-We watched YouTube videos of bull fighting and of Spanish dances including Pasedoble

-Learned what a peninsula is and made our own with construction paper

-Used our atlas to color the Iberian Peninsuala lapbook page from Homeschool Share ‘Spain’ lapbook


-Made Spanish fans



-We learned about cork trees by YouTube videos of cork being harvested and made into corks.

-We tested our hypothesis of whether or not cork would float.  They both thought it would and were correct.  We also did a few other experiments from the Sink or Float book above, as well as watching a segment on BrainPOP Jr. about floating and sinking, and watching Magic School Bus Ups and Downs.



-Ferdinand loves to smell flowers!  We learned about our sense of smell by watching a BrainPOP movie, and then went to the Florist to smell the fresh flowers ourselves.  Libby and Ian picked some gorgeous flowers that smelled lovely.




-We made coffee filter flowers




-We also learned the Spanish words for several colors

Notebooking Pages:


We had a great week!  




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