Kindergarten Week 5 – Learning about Babies!

As I completed my 36th week of pregnancy, we took a week off of Five in a Row to learn all about babies in preparation of the new little girl who will be joining our family soon.


We are continuing to enjoy RightStart Level A.  Both kids completed lessons 4-8 this week.


Elizabeth wrote the entire alphabet in uppercase letters this week, as well as worked on punctuation (periods and commas) in her Zaner-Bloser workbook.

Ian learned how to form letter F with HWT this week.

wpid-20140728_105508.jpg        wpid-20140728_105141.jpg


We completed All About Reading Level 2 Lesson 20 this week, and Elizabeth read ‘Skunk Hotel’ from her reader.  She also completed lessons 2-4 of All About Spelling Level 1.

Learning Through Literature: All About Babies!

With my due date approaching, I decided to set aside a week to learn about the development, as well as the care and keeping of baby.

The books we read:


Social Studies / Geography:

-We first put baby pictures of each child on the state in which they were born, and then I told them each their own ‘birth story’ (which they were very interested in) and looked at pictures from their birth and of them as babies.


-We measured out six pounds of rice and put it in a knee-high pantyhose to make a ‘rice baby’ that was the excat weight they were when they were born (luckily for me both of my kids weighed 6 pounds so we only needed to make one rice baby!).  We swaddled the baby and put a hat on its head and they each had a chance to hold the ‘baby’.

They really loved this and it was more realistic than a doll because they needed to support the baby’s head and have a tight grip!


-We talked about the different places women can choose to give birth and the different providers / support workers there are to help women through pregnancy and infancy.  I had made a ‘midwife kit’ for the kids to play with early in my pregnancy and pulled it out this week for the kids to explore and play with.  Inside it included a stethoscope, fetoscope, tape measurer, gauze, and a blood pressure cuff. They are able to come with me to each midwife appointment so they already knew just what to do!  They LOVED playing with this (especially Ian who claimed all week he was the midwife!).




-We practiced swaddling, diapering, wearing, and putting baby in the carseat.

wpid-20140728_122818.jpg      wpid-20140728_123227.jpg

wpid-20140728_124234.jpg       wpid-20140728_123911.jpg


-We learned about fetal development this week, the kids were fascinated to learn that we start from just a small ball of cells.  We put these fetal development cards in order:


-And learned how babies live in the uterus and are birthed through the pelvis:


-We discussed the difference between vaginal and cesarean births, and also the many ways in which families can be formed.

Notebook Pages:

wpid-img_1480.jpg      wpid-img_1481.jpg

We’re now ready to meet our sweet new baby girl! 🙂

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