Kindergarten Weeks 6/7 {FIAR} Truman’s Aunt Farm

We rowed Truman’s Aunt Farm over a three week period in which we also welcomed our sweet new baby girl Adeline into our family.  So, this was a long row, but it was a wonderful and rich three weeks of learning!  It was a perfect row to stretch over several weeks because we were able to purchase an ant farm and observe it over several weeks time.

We completed our sixth week of our official school routine, and then took a week off with the new baby, and then resumed and finished up this row in our seventh week of school.

Because I’m playing catch up <and in a new baby haze>, I’m going to skip over details of our skill subjects (reading, writing, math) only because it was so many weeks ago now that I don’t recall which exact lessons we went over – but the point is – we were plugging along! 🙂  With the programs we use, we “do the next thing”, meaning we just continue to work through the lessons at a steady pace.  We are never ‘behind’ or ‘ahead’, we are just right where the kids need to be with where they are at skill-wise.

Here are some pictures I snapped while they were working:

Adeline’s First Day of School 🙂




Spelling Test:


We’re loving RightStart Math A


Learning Through Literature: {FIAR} Truman’s Aunt Farm

This funny story of homonyms was perfect timing for us as we just had finished celebrating Elizabeth’s 5th birthday.  In this story, a little boy receives a birthday gift from his aunt, an ant farm and sends away for his ants.  However, he receives aunts in the mail!  We all enjoyed this comical story and enjoyed learning about ants, aunts and homonyms!

Our books for the unit:


Social Studies / Geography

We discussed what an aunt is and named Libby and Ian’s aunts.  We placed our story disk where most of our aunts live – in Michigan.  Elizabeth had just received a gift from her Aunt Josie, so she wrote her a thank you note, just as Truman had written to his aunt for his birthday gift.



Language Arts:

For literature we read the classic fable, The Ant and the Grasshopper and discussed the meaning behind the story.

We learned about homonyms as we read a book and also watched a BrainPOP Jr. clip.


We learned about ants of course!  We read a ton of books about ants.  Our favorite by far was Are You an Ant? which is part of the Backyard Books series.  This was the first I had read of this series but will definitely be looking for more, it was fantastic in the way it provided great information in an easy to understand and fun way for kids.

We also were able to get an ant farm and ‘send away’ for our own ants.  When our ants came in the mail Dad put them into the case, which was fun and stressful!  Once inside, the ants got to work and dug several tunnels.  We all really enjoyed observing them!   I would often catch the kids just sitting on the floor quietly staring at it (and sometimes dad, to).




Libby drew a picture of the ant farm and wrote a sentence telling one fact she learned about ants.  “I love ants.  Ants dig tunnels in the ground.”


We also completed an ant anatomy notebook page from the Evan Moor Giant Book of Science, watched Magic School Bus Gets Ants in its Pants, and watched a clip about ants on BrainPOP.


We made ants out of egg cartons.  After painting their three body parts, we added two antennae and six legs.




We of course enjoyed Ants on a Log snacks made with celery, peanut butter and chocolate chips for ants.


We also enjoyed ant hill pudding cups made with chocolate pudding for the dirt, crushed graham crackers for the ant hills, and chocolate covered ants (or raisins…)!



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