Kindergarten Week 10 {FIAR} Daniel’s Duck

The fair was in town this week, so we took the opportunity to read Daniel’s Duck, learn about the fair, woodcarving, cabin life, and emotions.


Libby and Ian are continuing to learn about numbers in several different tactile ways.  Here they are laying out the tally sticks to match the number sticks.  The abacus is also a huge hit here!


Putting dot cards in order:


Playing with links:



This week Libby finished her kindergarten Zaner Bloser handwriting workbook, so we have moved onto copywork, which I am pulling from our current literature selections.


Ian is continuing to work through Handwriting Without Tears PreK.  We work through the workbook together, and he really enjoys playing with the wooden blocks, chalk board, and magnetic board while I work with Libby.  He is a child who loves to figure things out himself, so instead of always sitting right there, I give him the basket and watch from the other side of the room.  He’s doing great.


Ian is on lesson 26 of All About Reading Pre-Level and has finished the capital letter sheets.  He has been working on beginning sounds and syllables.  Here a link to a video where he is figuring out how many syllables the word octopus has:

Elizabeth read a poem in her All About Reading Level 2 reader, and filled out a Venn Diagram.


Libby also completed Step 10 in All About Spelling Level 1.  Here she is sounding out words with her letter tiles.



Ian has been working through Core Knowledge Preschool Activity Book.  I used this with Libby, as well, and we love it because it’s not just worksheets to fill in.  It is used with an accompanying book that includes poems, rhymes, songs, classic stories, science and social studies information.  We read a section from the book each week and work through the corresponding activities – which may be coloring, counting, tracing, stickers, cut out papers, ect.  It’s different each time and both my kids love it.

Here Ian is decorating his ‘Birthday Cake’.



Learning Through Literature: {FIAR} Daniel’s Duck


From Amazon, “Daniel is hurt when others laugh at his wood carving, until he learns that giving people pleasure takes a very special gift.”

I’m really enjoying hearing Libby read – she is even able to read to US at read aloud time.  She read Daniel’s Duck to us several times this week!

Social Studies

The story took place in Tennessee, so we found it on the map, placed our story disk there, and pulled out our atlas to read more about it.  Elizabeth colored a coloring page about Tennessee, and added the Appalachian mountain range to the state because Daniel lived in the mountains.



We talked about emotions and what Daniel was feeling when people laughed at his duck.

We also talked about life in a log cabin, and what Daniel’s life may have been like in the mountains.  Libby colored this picture, and we also began to re-read Little House in the Big Woods.


Language Arts

There is a lot of dialog in Daniel’s duck so I pointed it out, and our copywork this week included some dialog right from the book.  We also watched a BrainPOP movie about dialog.


We learned about ducks because Daniel decided to make a duck.  We read the book Ducks Don’t Get Wet and learned that ducks have a special oil gland that prevents their feathers from getting wet!

Libby’s Animal Report on the Duck:


We learned that oil and water do not mix.  We did the experiment that was suggested in the book.  We took two paper bags and put oil on one of them.  Then we sprinkled each with water.  The water saturated the plain bag, but beaded up and did not go through the bag with oil.




The kids were so intrigued by this, and then decided to see what would happen if we put oil straight into water.  They loved watch the oil separate, and we were able to talk about the layering effect due to the oil being less dense.  They each took turns pouring the oil and water into different containers and each time the oil would separate from the water.  We had a lot of fun with this!



We also set out to a local park to feed the ducks!  We saw not only ducks, but geese and swans, as well!  It was obvious they were used to being fed.  At one point as we tried to eat our picnic lunch they about mowed us over looking for food!




Just hanging out at the park…


We also learned about the four seasons because several seasons were mentioned in the book.  We read about seasons in The Berenstain Bears’ Big Book of Science and Nature and then completed our own season books.  Each day the crafted to make their tree look as it would in a different season.

Fall – fingerpainted leaves on the trees and falling onto ground with orange, yellow and brown

Winter – we glued cotton ball ‘snow’ onto our trees and ground, and also added blue glitter to our winter wonderland pictures

Spring – made leaves and blossoms by tearing construction paper and gluing it down

Summer – we sponge-painted the grass and leaves, and used a pencil eraser dipped in red paint to make fruit on our tree






Of course, we visited the fair!  We compared and contrasted what we saw and did at the fair to what Daniel saw.  We had a great week with Daniel’s Duck!  Just glancing through this book I didn’t think I’d enjoy it, but I am happily surprised with the amount of fun and learning that we were able to accomplish this week 🙂



One thought on “Kindergarten Week 10 {FIAR} Daniel’s Duck

  1. wow you guys have really accomplished a lot and learned by having so much fun! It is so great to be able to watch (read) those lightbulbs going off and seeing how they are putting all this knowledge together!

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