Our Learning Spaces

We have recently found out that we will be moving again in the near future (thanks to the Navy)!  Today I decided to take some pictures of our learning environment right now – so that we can have these memories to look back on!

We learn all over the house (and outside!) but most of our school supplies are kept in our kitchen dining area.  We do projects at the dining room table, but read our books snuggling on the couch – in our jammies usually 🙂

kitchen wall

Our Art Display Wall

art display

The Morning Calendar Area

calender wall

china cab corner

file box

Our All About Reading Alphabet poster is on the wall.  In the file box is what we use on an every day basis.  In the front this includes our Bible, any worksheets going with the current unit study, and our math and phonics book.

Behind that are the file folders which are each labeled with each BFIAR book.  As I come across things that would go with the book, I add them to the file.  That way, when we’re ready to row the book, I have the resources in one place.

In back of the file folders are several books that I use as inspiration and resources when I plan for the week.  It includes my Before Five in a Row manual, Peak With Books manual, Picture Book Activities guide, and a Montessori guide.

On top of the china cabinet is the sunscreen and bubbles.  In the containers are the math manipulative such as the cubes, buttons, and counting bears.  On the other end are the Montessori wicker baskets, with the magnifying glass, tweezers and ice cube treys for dropping items into (motor skills)

In the cabinet:

china cab

Top Shelf:  All About Reading Pre-Level, preschool activity books, BFIAR/FIAR books, go-along science and social studies books, BOB books, Geometric shapes

Middle Shelf:  Construction paper, stickers, dot painters, play-doh, colored pencils and paint brushes, green container with paint, green container with glue and scissors, bottom blue box has extra unopened school supplies, top box holds Ziggy the puppet and the AAR cards

Bottom Shelf:  Blue container holds different play based items to enhance our learning such as small toy animals and people, math rods, the fake snow, colored rice, several small containers, and large foam dice.  The crayon box and treys are in the middle, and the basket on the end holds our Handwriting Without Tears supplies.  Beside that are the foam clocks and rulers.

Games are kept in a nearby closet off of the kitchen.


And the books we are currently using for a unit get set out on the art easel.


So that’s what our learning environment looks like!

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