PreK Week 11 Review Halloween Happenings


My two loves, a fairy and a monster, right before heading out to trick-or-treat!

We had a slimy, spooky, and fun Halloween week!

Exploring the Human Body: Eyes

We finished up our unit on eyes this week.  We talked about what happens when people can’t see as well as they’d like to.  We set up an ophthalmologist office right in our own living room!  Libby took her vision test, and then tried on several pairs of glasses to find the perfect ones (I purchased reading glasses from the dollar store).  We also looked into a spoon to see the upside-down vision of ourselves – this shows us the image that the retina receives.  Finally, we added eyes to our human body wall posters.


We began simple addition/subtraction problems this week.  We used candy corn as a fun manipulative!  We also were able to use our Halloween candy to sort by color, and make a graph of the different colors.  Libby and Ian figured out which groups had the most and least.

20131103-210903.jpg   20131103-210916.jpg


We did a review of the ‘Frog Jump’ capital letters from HWT.  These letters include F, E, D, B, P, N and M.


We reviewed the ‘th’ sound and added the ‘sh’ sound this week.


Learning through Literature: Pumpkin Jack / The Very Busy Spider

I split this week into two mini-units.  On Monday and Tuesday we read Pumpkin Jack by Will Hubbell, which is a favorite that the kids still remembered from last year.  This book depicts the life cycle of a pumpkin in a full year.  We reviewed the pumpkin life cycle, checked out some mold, and talked about what exactly mold is, and we went to the pumpkin patch to observe pumpkins on the vine.  While there, we were able to take a fun hayride, as well.

Pumpkin books we included:

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On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we focused on a spider theme while reading The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle.  We learned how spiders spin their webs, catch their prey and eat.  Spiders are actually helpful in many ways!  We also finished up Little House in the Big Woods and began reading Charlotte’s Web this week.

Spider books we included:

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We made our own webs with yarn and paper plates cut around the edges.  We also did an experiment to show why spiders do not stick to their own sticky webs.  We learned that spiders make their own oil to coat their legs.  Using contact paper, we first touched the sticky sheet and got ‘stuck’ in the web.  Then we dipped our fingers into a bit of oil, and found that our fingers no longer stuck!

20131103-210712.jpg   20131103-210728.jpg

We then set out to explore and find spiders and webs in our backyard.  We found many webs, but only one small spider.  It’s hard to see in my picture, but the kids were quite fascinated by it.  Even Libby was squatting down very close, and she is usually very scared of spiders.


After reading through The Very Busy Spider several times, I asked the kids to use their memories to create a list of the animals who were characters in the story.  They were able to name them all.  Then we played a fun game where I randomly chose one and they acted as if they were that animal.  Libby and Ian really love activities like this; they love to pretend.


The Very Busy Spider boardgame is fairly inexpensive on Amazon ($8.99), and my kids LOVE games.  I splurged and got it as a surprise and they loved it!  The game included color matching and animal recognition, all while working together to complete the spider’s web.

20131103-211000.jpg   20131103-211020.jpg


Play-Doh spiders

20131103-211040.jpg   20131103-211050.jpg

Additionally, we celebrated Halloween with some green gooey slime (recipe found here) and a tasty lunch of witches fingers, eyeballs, brain, ghosts, pumpkins, and spider webs – all washed down with blood juice 😉

20131103-210523.jpg   20131103-210537.jpg


20131103-210552.jpg   20131103-210611.jpg

20131103-210625.jpg   20131103-210637.jpg

Pumpkins:  oranges with celery stems

Eyeballs: Hard-boiled eggs with olives

Ghosts:  Banana with chocolate chip eyes/mouth

Witch’s Fingers:  Carved carrots with apple peel nail secured with peanut butter

Brain:  Strawberry Jello

Web:  Melted bakers chocolate piped over pretzel sticks

Blood Juice:  Fruit Punch

Hope you had a great week! We’re off to a trip around the world next week with How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World.